Why God?

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He is He does He sees He loves

Submitted: April 01, 2018

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Submitted: April 01, 2018




Why God?



Why God?

Why are You Lord?

I’ve seen good people struggle,

I’ve seen them fall.

While their feet are pulled into pits of despair,

Their hands fold in Your name.


Why God?

Why are You Lord?

Because you made good people,

Who show glimpses of You.

and You put them through hardship,

to strengthen their hearts.

Because You are God.


Why God?

Why is there bad?

Anger, sadness, heartbreak, pain.

You gifted us these feelings,

That we all can’t help but open.

To feel this low,

and feel it alone.


Why God?

Why is there bad?

Passion, Joy, Love, Emotion.

You gifted us these feelings too,

And had already opened for them us.

Darkness is important to the world,

For us to see Your true light.

Because You are good.


Why God?

Why aren’t You here?

Physical blindness is hard,

But has no comparison to the struggles of blind faith.

The unwanted sacrifices,

The mental strain.


Why God?

Why aren’t You here?

Your love and strength is too strong,

That it would blind us overseas.

And without a test,

there would be no faith.

Because You are omniscient.

Why God?

Why did You choose me?

Others roam with an ease whilst doing as they please.

While I must sacrifice, devote and convict.

To feel bare on this Earth,

stripped of my freedom.


Why God?

Why did you choose me?

To live a life with purpose,

While others roam with no aim.

You chose me to feel Your love,

And in your love is where I find my freedom from my shackles.

Because You love me.



© Copyright 2019 Ellie Carp. All rights reserved.

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