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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short creation story I wrote for my Mi'kmaq class.





Sarabi was a lone wanderer, the only being on the planet earth. Not human, not inhuman, neither male or female. Sarabi simply was, floating along the barren plains for thousands and thousands of years. One day Sarabi came across a plant; a flower with a glowing halo shining into the darkness of the vast land beyond.

Intrigued, Sarabi investigated this mysterious flower only to have it begin speaking, “You must plant these seeds, and from them plants will grow. If you nurture and care for them, they will grow into beautiful, unimaginably magnificent beings. But be warned, if you do not, a terrible curse will be placed upon you and all who descend from you.” And from its petals, six glimmering seeds appeared.

Sarabi took these seeds and planted in the soft ground next to the flower, but it didn’t speak another word during the next weeks of toil in the newly made garden.
After days and days of waiting, one of the plants grew into a beautiful woman who Sarabi freed from the garden and named Carlita. She told of many things from the Otherworld, how much more beautiful it was than earth, how vibrant and full of life.
“Come, we can find a way back.” She pleaded.
So desperate for a friend, Sarabi agreed and off they went, leaving the plants in the garden dying and uncared for. Still, the glowing flower did not speak, watching as his brothers and sister died around him.

Only when all of the remaining flowers were gone did Sarabi return with Carlita, having no luck finding the door to the Otherworld. Finally the wilting flower broke his silence.
“You have broken your promise Sarabi. Just as I warned a curse shall be thrown over you. During half of your time there will be beautiful sunlight cast over your world, but don’t be fooled the other half will be full of darkness and wild, bloodthirsty creatures. You will need to find your own means of survival, nothing will be easy.”

With that, the flower turned to dust which was carried upon the wind to Sarabi. Feeling the breeze, Sarabi was shocked to find himself standing as a man, as human as his companion. Together, Sarabi and Carlita hunted by day and slept in the garden by night, barely surviving the harsh world the flower’s curse had thrown upon him and all of his descendants.


Submitted: April 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 EllieBelle. All rights reserved.

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