Ideas of what it would be like for just a little child not understanding anything going on surrounding him.

The autchwich kid They hit me a lot, oh, and once they kicked me, right in the stomach. I lost my dad not long ago in here, he left with quiet a group of men, he didn't get time to say goodbye these men in uniforms just dragged them away. Sometimes I have to go round with a wheel barrow collecting rocks and wood. I wear these strange pyjamas , they have blue stripes , me and the group match! I have a number stitched on to my shoulder it is 6913 .We have showers in the dark,I'm not sure why. While I was working yesterday I smelt this fowl smell it was disgusting . One time I had to enter a family house and help out with the chores . I accidentally smashed a wine glass, I got hit with this long piece of leather rope by the owner of the household. My friend told me that they took the group of men to this gas chamber I didn't really know what that meant to simplify it a little she told me that having showers was dangerous because while we are having a shower they could put gas in the showers so we couldn't breath! Every time I went into the shower I either clung on to my friend or crossed my fingers wishing that I was going to come out of here alive. I don't really socialise with anybody in here just my friend.Yesturday I saw these men hanging by a small piece of rope strangling them, I gasped and a man rod me to march on with the group.

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

This was dark, but rightly so giving the setting. Well written piece, would suggest more paragraphs, but besides that, this was a well written work, loved it :D

Sun, February 3rd, 2013 3:33pm

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