Lenae's Lovely Escorts

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I'd just like to thank my sister Elizabeth for letting me use her account for my advertisement! NOTE: THIS IS NOT A STORY! IT IS AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR IMVU MEMBERS LOOKING FOR JOBS ONLINE! and sorry for wrecking your page sis, but it's only for a short time. Okay guys, please read the section you are interested in. And let me know when youre ready to start.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



Lenae’s Lovely Escorts

Hello, my name is Lenae also known as Lenayaaa101 and I am the creator of ‘Lenae’s Lovely Escorts’.

This is going to be your guide. I’m providing you with full training on how the system will work.

It is only cyber, but it is fun. And it’s a good way to meet people.

I’ve divided this in to two sections.

There is a section for the Escorts, as well a section for Security.



Women; Red or Black Lingerie ONLY! Heels or Boots

Men; No Shirt, Black Pants & Black shoes


For each client, each escort will be sent out a message when needed.

The message will contain the name of the client.

Immediately you will need to escort the client to a private place.

You have up to an hour or less time, to spend with your client.

(If we are busy, you will get another client’s name messaged to you, right after!)

You don’t have to friend them, or be their friend. But, you do have to act!

Acting is a big part of the cyber world. So, make your client feel loved.


For each client you escort, you will receive a gift.


The room ‘Lenae’s Lovely Escorts’ will be available for all staff!

Security and my Supervisors will have rights to boot anyone that tries to cause trouble.

I am not going to be online ALL THE TIME! But, you must speak with whoever is in charge before you escort, or else you won’t be paid.

I will update if any further notice.



Black & White Clothing ONLY!


Security’s job is always quite easy to do.

You’ll need to read every conversation that appears on your screen at ‘Lenae’s Lovely Escorts’.

And boot people that cause trouble.


I pay you once a week, with the choice of a gift or an escort.

Thank you for your time.

I do hope you meet some nice people who feel a bit lonely.

Escorting is not only about cyber *** but also going out for dinners as well as acting.

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