Beautiful Is A Lie

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Again, an older poem. No story behind it, nothing like this happened to me. Yet.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Your eyes are now stars

Distant and shining.

Your fingers and hers

Stiffly intertwining.

I blink, with a sense of confusion.

Beautiful is a lie.

From fading wounds to healing scars.

One day made up for almost a year,

Forbidden words that only lovers use.

What you said now becomes a blur.

Beautiful is a lie.

A picture is worth a thousand words,

A thousand pictures rush through my head.

But only one word describes their falsehood.

Beautiful is a lie.

What about a word gives it its nature?

Why now when you say love my eyes well up in sadness?

Why when you say gorgeous I reach for a blade?

Why when you say beautiful I almost believe you?

From the tricks and pain that your words gave…

Why am I still so willing to believe you?

Even when I know …that beautiful is a lie?

Be happy with her… while you still last.

But not too happy,

Because then you would have to realize that…

 What we had, what you have, and everything beautiful… is a lie.

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