Glimpse of a Shadow

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A personal judgemental poem.

Submitted: January 19, 2012

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



Who you are, I may one day know

But true so far, I’ve glimpsed your shadow

You not unlike me, from what I see

Your soul isn’t free, so you’re unhappy


Caught up in life’s monotonous maze

It’s pulled you down, forcing its ways

Slowly you’re forgetting your purpose

Your soul has told you, yet life shown it’s pointless


Unchanging patterns through decades of fashions

Determination is needed for your domination

Yet through conformity to civilisation

You loose your soul’s personal salvation


You want to live a virtuous life

And promise yourself you’ll follow what’s right

Yet you believe the way is to follow the book

Tomorrow you will, until then, you’ll look


I see you have an ability to see

Who it is you want to be

And I know you have the ability to lead

So why will you follow what it is you read


You are an intelligent being

Yet others’ words you are believing

You know opinions vary to situation

Yet you believe words written on one mans salvation


These ‘holy’ books are written by man

The words are just a guiding hand

To force and lead a civilisation

A way to keep order stationed


Times have changed cultures vary

One way for all cannot be

These morals and virtuous codes of old

Are adapted today so are a broken mould


No longer are narrow paths kept straight

Branching off just as coincidence does with fate

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