Too Scared/ Paranoia

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A few months old, Based on a true event that happened to me one night. I got very paranoid and wrote this.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Too scared to live

Too scared to die

Kill myself?

I'm too scared to try.

Too scared to speak

Too scared to breath

Ask God for help?

I'm too scared to believe.

Too scared to cut

Too scared to bleed

I want to do it

But I'm scared it might become a need.

Maybe I'm schizo

Maybe I can't fill in the void

But I know now, that I'm just paranoid.

I live in fear

Every night

Too scared to scream

Too scared to fight.

In this life

I dont know where to go

Too scared to find out

Too scared to know.

They dont know how to help me

They dont know me at all

I'm too scared to get help

Too scared to fall.

Paranoia is a parasite

That infected me when I was small

It controls my life

And every night it starts to crawl.

Living with this thing...

I just want to die

Living in fear every day

Just makes me want to try.

I can't tell anybody

So I have to lie

But here is the truth,

I'm not too scared to cry.


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