What Is Attraction?

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Just a bit of my own philosophy after getting out of the relationship I was in.

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



What is attraction?

A boy, a girl,

Maybe the same gender.

A smiling, vivacious sensation.

A conversation or two, or three

Or ten.

Comfort. It’s comfort in life.

Now what can cause that comfort,

When there is so much discomfort in the world?

When there is so much discomfort with yourself?

What in that person you are so attracted to comforts you?

Is it their faith, their smile?

Their personality, their strength?

Their body, perhaps?

What about them causes that feeling?

 That feeling that everything is going to be alright.

Alright as long as you have them and they have you.

And where did you finally let them cross through your trust threshold?

They are just another person, correct?

They can lie, cheat, anger, betray you.

They could ruin you.

Maybe some already have.

Yet you let yourself trust such a being,

That has caused so much harm to you,

All because of a simple “feeling”?

It seems what can be so unreliable

Is always so desirable.

We say we won’t give up,

Until we find “the one”.

And when we wake up

And go to bed.

Our dreams and nightmares,

All come down to attraction, or lack thereof.

We can sacrifice our feelings and health and well being

Only to satisfy the craving.

Why we crave it?

Why we endure it,

Let it ruin some of us, in the small hope that one day it will be forever satisfied?

To me, it seems too much to risk.

I don’t have time to trust

Care for

Love another?

When I have enough to deal with within myself.

Yes, I have tried.

Yes I was ruined for a while

Maybe more

Maybe still.

But after it settles in, it always makes me wonder:

What is attraction?

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