Security Service Secrets

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Lewis Cole is an MI5 analyst who is nearly always in the office, but this changes when he is instructed to find out the names of corrupt operatives by the mysterious Roman Roberts.

This short story is currently being made into a short film which is directed by Jay Hussain.

Submitted: October 12, 2014

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Submitted: October 12, 2014



It was a dark night in Hyde Park. I could feel the coldness of the wind against my face. I was meeting a government investigator called Roman Roberts as he had an assignment for me. After 10 minutes there was still no sign of him. I soon saw a figure approaching, though, who I recognised as Roberts. He handed me a brown envelope and I placed it in my bag. He walked away and within a few seconds he was completely out of sight. 


I entered my apartment. I lived alone and that was how I liked it. I opened up the envelope which contained a single sheet of paper. On the sheet was a list of names. They were people who I worked with at MI5. Some of them were my friends. My phone started ringing, so I answered it. I heard a distorted voice speaking to me.
“Meet me at Canning Town Station in 1 hour.” 


I got into my car and sped along the roads of London. I had made it to the station with two minutes to spare. I stepped out of the car. As I walked into the station a bag was passed to me. I walked back to my car and placed the bag on the passenger seat. I took a look inside it and I vomited all over the steering wheel. The bag was packed full of graphic and gory photographs of people being killed. 


Once I was back at the apartment I had a shower. I changed into fresh clothes and sat down. I placed the photographs on the table and I quickly realised that the killers in the photographs were colleagues of mine, people who were in my office at MI5. I realised my task. Roman Roberts wanted me to identify the killers. After about an hour of analysing the photographs, I got a phone call from Roman Roberts. 


“Lewis, two men are on their way to your apartment to kill you. I’m on my way with an armed response unit. Both of the men are trained MI5 operatives.” I ran to the living room and I pulled away a loose floorboard, revealing my shotgun. My gun was unlicensed and illegal, but my only option was to use it. The door was kicked in. I shot the first man as soon as he entered the apartment. Behind him stood Taylor Raymond who was one of MI5’s finest. He shot at me and wounded my arm. I was extremely lucky to stay alive. Most of his bullets had gone into the wall behind me. I returned fire and missed completely. The armed response unit entered the room and opened fire on their target, which wasn’t Taylor Raymond – it was me. I lived just long enough to see them kill Roman Roberts as well. The armed response unit were working for MI5. Everything went dark, until… 


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. I was no longer Lewis Cole, MI5 operative. I was just a student. 


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