party girl dropped her life

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life is to short to be like this

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



I see raindrops falling in petals black, from the heart of a girl who wants her innocence back. didn't care what shed see, didn't care what shed know didn't realize she's be a prime target for a street show. drop went her life when she partied on the side, cause she got caught, bottles dropped, maybe walk that prison talk. think this isn't fair but it's a dream she had to bury this is real this is life this is truth and it's so scary. she said fairy tails are pointles, theyre only just a dream, they're only for a princess with a prince on the screen. she hit rock bottom, she didn't even know, that the booze and the drugs would shake her from her party throne. so you see this is not a game it in only pain. it ain't no shame to walk away from what them demons say she had a dream that she was free, she didn't know it then, that all those hopes she had alone weren't all so paper thin. don't wanna sell she needed help, what more could she have done? thn try to fix the wrong and the creature shed become. truth be told her heart was cold, what shed done had been vile. to play facade for many jobs, boy she was versatile. but then she turned around. all the hope not allowed, she had found. she gave her heart to father, son, ghost now she was proud. don't get me wrong, the urg is strong to go back to that life, but fathers held her heart and now she'll go and win that fight... no flight.

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