Please Look at me

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When the blade calls to you. And no one cares

Please God please, look at me. 

Im drowning in tears for all to see.

I feel so alone in a vast sea of faces.

Im hurt and dejected, ive been thrown away and wasted.

Im trapped in my head, a slave to my thoughts,

the pain is fast, ill soon be lost,

I take the blade and i hold it fast

till down, down its runs, a river of red at last.

Swift and precise my mark is clear,

one more swipe, my death is near,

no more pain or tears to cry,

the thought is a strange comfort, i made up my mind,

its time to die.

One last breath one last thought,

for the God who never looked at me,

the God that I'd  forgot...

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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