sincerely, a joyful sorrow.

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joy and sorrow; an unending duo

when they find you, i pray you have the courage to let them in. face them, without fear. run toward them with purpose and let god lead the journey. you will not fail. you will grow strong. if people find you inconsistent, it's ok. for as long as you're not perfect, you are broken, and in your unsteadiness, you will be humbled. that is where you search for the truth; in humility. that is where you find your soul, to evoke honesty. when you are honest, you'll know, you're never alone. that simple truth will keep you, so you can't steal your soul.

wherever this finds you, have the courage to write it down. i can't wait to see who you become in your uncertainty. i look forward to guiding you, watching you, and loving you every step of the way.

for now, i hope these words give you a map. whatever that may be; to lead you against the grain, toward meaning and truth.

do not be ashamed of being human and flawed. we are all in this fight together.

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Know Me, God.

Submitted: February 29, 2016

  {Thoughts, Let Me Think}       Woe, I know so little of myself; so little of You. I onl... Read Chapter

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