My summit, my paramount

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Poetry for the broken hearted

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



Your existence was paramount, my summit. My bird's eye view

Now I think I hate you; I think you hate me too

Without you I am empty a tree without a branch or name

But I guess you already knew that I told you just the same

You used to heal my sorrows but now you are the cause,

You have treated me so badly and blamed it on my flaws.


Your existence was my paramount, my summit, my bird's eye view

You used me and abused me even though you knew

You ditched my soul and made me cry, you even made me want to die

My heart was yours, you gave it back, and you’ve broken me and left me black

You committed a sin of a marital kind, did you really think I was so blind, did she make you feel full up leaving me like an empty cup.


Your existence was my paramount my summit my bird's eye view

Now my existence feels worthless, broken, burned and blue

You used to be my summer where cold couldn’t come near

Now I am in the shadows, frozen hard with fear

But even then, you still knew the end was neigh, still intent of living a lie

It hurts right now it always will, the trust has gone, been left to spill


Your Existence was my paramount, my summit my bird's eye view

But you knew that too I told you so, I wrote it down so you would know

Time will pass and scars will fade but my life will still stay frayed

Now my time has come to say, my paramount has moved my summit is gone, my life has changed I must move on

I will get by without your love I will look up to the heavens above

And when the time comes you will see just how much you’ve damaged me

My heart will ache my soul will burn my stomach will forever churn

I hope you're happy in your new life, happy forever without your wife.

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