Woods and Marsh

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A two part poem about freedom

Submitted: November 17, 2015

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Submitted: November 17, 2015



The Woods

I run through the woods

Not able to stop, needing to go

The leaves stick to my feet, making them feel heavier

The trees whir by in sickening color

I feel the rain pounding down on my back, soaking through my coat

I hear those people behind me, coming for me

The roots are all trying to trip me, but they miss

The woods are behind me now, I feel like I could fly

So goodbye woods, I’m sure I’ll see you soon

The next time; when I hit the ground at another all time low

Or the next time I decide I need to fear and run from where I go to now

I run and run, never stopping gasping for air

Then all gets bright and I burst into a field

I see a girl curled up arms holding her legs to her chest

She sobs quietly, watching the animals

The birds circling and the animals playing their natural instruments

Mesmerized, inspired I sit and watch

Right on the edge of the field, near a small house

I watch as nature sympathizes with a small child

All of a sudden, the child stops sobbing and looks at the sky

She loosens and sits up

The Marsh


The rain dampens my bronze coat of fur

I sit on the sand and listen to the bluish-green water babble

I hear the ducks rustle in the grass, quacking happily

I watch two girls gaze at each other from

Different sides of the field

They go back to watching nature

I think of uniting us three different souls

I watch their nervous ticks develop as they fidget

I watch them thinking about reaching out

But they never do it,

Not trying to connect together

Finally, my thought process stops

I run towards one and then the other

Licking their faces and making them laugh

They touch me, almost surprised I’m tangible

It’s good to be a dog that can help

They look up and smile at each other

They become friends after talking and laughing

They pat and whisper to me

They treat me well

They know how to make me happy

Scratching my stomach and playing fetch

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