Emotional images.

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Submitted: August 19, 2010

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Submitted: August 19, 2010



I am addicted to photography art, these are a couple pieces that i found ver beautiful and mind blowing. I'm going to tell you what each one makes me think of. Comment and tell me what they make you think of.


(Hiding, not really showing who you are nor what you are thinking. Its about security, and fear.)


(This is about the newest version of love for the older boy. It shows fasination and awe. But some how i feel a strong sence of love and wonder)


(this is about being raw, and real. Hiding nothing from those around us. She is who ever she is. I feel a sence of nervousness)

4. \"\"

(to me this is an illusion to her life. The desert represents how alone she is in her little world. She looks scared, but i feel like she is strong, like she is angry.)

5. \"\"

(she is thinking, making a choice. Something that she thinks she will regret, but she feels like it must be done. She is sad but at peace with her choice.)

6. \"\"

(This is about hope, and peace. Happiness from the heart of a child. The child thats within all of us.)

7. \"\"

(im not sure about this one, but its stunning.)

8. \"\"

(this is about te freedom of the spirit. Letting everything go for a minute and just feeling the blank spaces of life)

9. \"\"

(hopelessly in love. There is so much admiration between the two people its unreal.)

10. \"\"

(you can feel how much he loves her. and how smitten sheis with him. Its beautiful. :))

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