He's No Longer Alone

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About a friend.

Submitted: August 12, 2010

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Submitted: August 12, 2010



One who walks the road with love will never walk alone.”
I’ve known Jerry for almost two years and everyday of those two years he was right there by my side. Our friendship though very close was also very discreet, because he liked it that way. People didn’t even know we were friends, and still everyday he was there telling me how pretty I was and how beautiful I made his life. I never realized how detached my life was until he quit coming to school. I looked for him everyday, called him all the time, but never had any luck until I stopped trying.
One day he was just there, sitting in class. He was silent with his head on his desk. I walked over to him, and I put my hand on his back and whispered, “Jerry?” and he stood. Just like that, he stood up, almost as if I had frightened him. He looked scared and hurt, and many other things I can’t explain. His expression said everything I needed to know. He gazed into my eyes then hugged me. We stood like that for a while, and then I asked what had happened and why hadn’t he been around. He was still hushed. My eyes widened, and watered. One tear fell down my cheek. My throat closed, and I thought I couldn’t breathe. I can’t explain in words exactly what feeling came over me, but it was like my heart got hit by a truck. Jerry just looked at the ground. “Brittany?” I questioned. Only it was silent because my voice didn’t seem to work. I lifted my head and repeated myself, this time with sound, but only a screech of noise, it made no words at all. He only held me tighter as if to tell me not to let go. I could hear his heart beat. At that moment I remembered Jerry telling me, a year ago, about his sister. She had cancer. His family knew the end was coming for her. She was sick endlessly, because the chemo hadn’t worked. Jerry knew it was coming soon but he was so close to her that I knew when the end did come part of him would die too. The part of Jerry that died hid emotion. With that part of him dead for the first time he let the tears fall. Right there while hugging me. Right there when he was trying to be so strong. I could hear him trying to breath, and I could feel his tears against my cheek. It was the first time I saw the inside of him. A rough guy like him would never let that happen but he did because that was the moment he changed. In that moment part of him died, but it was like the other parts of him were no longer dormant. The misfortune gave him the opportunity to expose his heart. And that day, for Brittany, I made him a silent promise; A promise that I would never let him walk alone.
From that day on we’ve been together and somewhere along the way I have fallen genuinely in love with him. He has changed. He has become the guy who isn’t afraid to feel. Yes, he still gets in trouble, but that is the part of him that is the same. That’s the part that I can deal with. If Brittany hadn’t taught him how to let go of his image and to take the time to feel his emotions, he wouldn’t be the incredible guy that I love. He’d still be walking alone.
We both spent most of our lives, till that moment, alone. We know the ache that comes with loneliness, and he knows when I’m hurting and feeling alone. That is when he embraces me, and kisses my forehead and says…“Don’t you ever feel lonely, because we walk the road together. That’s love. And ‘One who walks the road with love never walks alone.’… Your not alone.”  I always smile and whisper into the air, as if his sister can hear me… “Neither is he, I promise!”

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