So I Thank God,

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I wrote this poem for the Man I love. The poem is written in pink and his blog response is in blue. I hop it will give lovers out there some happiness. BTW the pic is him... Isn't he cute!!!

Submitted: June 17, 2009

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Submitted: June 17, 2009



i felt the piece of paper crisply folded like she always does and on this note I read the words that in my heart was the best thing that could have happened to me at that very moment in my life and on this note in lightly pressed graphite it said:

So, I thank God. By:Amberly Spann

To see you again was excitement in my heart.
A painting of that moment would have been amazing art.
To think I'd ever be so enlightened with life, I'd have never believed.
I couldn't have dreamed of this love I've received.

In the rise of morning, Its for you I call.
In the heat of the day, you are my all.
In the fall of night, I rest to dreams of you.
And hope to wake to a love that's true.

In my heart you kiss the cracks.
And return the love it lacks.
I can't say you my other half, for I'm already complete,
But you are the one who got both halves to meet.

So, I thank God for giving us this amazing connection,
And allowing us such abundant, loving affection.
God will hold me forever close to you,
And continue to allow out love so true.

This blog isn't about how my day went it's about how someone I care about loves me enough to make a pretty shitty day put a smile on my face.
........In other terms, True Love.

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