What will my fate be?

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I'm just confused about the choices that are before me.

Submitted: June 16, 2009

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Submitted: June 16, 2009



I'm having crazy anxiety just thinking about what I'm about to do. I'm not at all sure if this is the right think for me. But how does anyone know what the right thing is. Fate come based on the things we choose, but what about when we choose wrong? Does your original fate find you again, or do you start over with a new destany?

I'm supposed to leave in only four days, to go stay with my Dad for a few weeks, but I'm going through so much right now, that i have no clue weather or not i can take it. I have a ton of crap on my plate and my Dad and I don't always get along. I have a lot of pain from my past with him and I'm afraid of what this visit could do. How do you make a choice like that? To go or to refuse? I'm caught between my heart and the papers.

I have a lot of issues that my Dad has never had to deal with before. He has no idea what is instore for him. I could break at any moment and go into a full on freak out. I don't know how he would cope with that, not to mention my younger brother. What would i tell him? What would they tell him? What would he think of me? I don't want to know what would happen.

I guess it comes down to me and my heart. I have to choose quickly. I'm running out of time. The days are growing nearer. What will i do? Waht will my fate be in the end?

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