Taming the Wild Billionaire by Eloise Du'bois - Part 3

Taming the Wild Billionaire by Eloise Du'bois - Part 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance




Things are heating up between Jenny Briggs our adroable but down on her luck reporter and the gorgeous Michael St Claire. What Michael doesnt know is that his Jenny is out to get a scoop on his family. And she will use any means necessary to get her byline. But will it all be worth it in the end?

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Things are heating up between Jenny Briggs our adroable but down on her luck reporter and the gorgeous Michael St Claire. What Michael doesnt know is that his Jenny is out to get a scoop on his family. And she will use any means necessary to get her byline. But will it all be worth it in the end?

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Chapter1 (v.1) - Taming the Wild Billionaire by Eloise Du'bois - Part 3

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Things are heating up between Jenny Briggs our adroable but down on her luck reporter and the gorgeous Michael St Claire. What Michael doesnt know is that his Jenny is out to get a scoop on his family. And she will use any means necessary to get her byline. But will it all be worth it in the end?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 21, 2014



Chapter 8

He took her face in his hands and kissed her, deeply thrusting his tongue in her mouth.

Refusing to give quarter he ravaged her mouth, branding her his for all time.

Frantically they began clawing at each other’s clothes, desperate to feel naked skin on skin.

He picked her up and she locked her legs around his waist, crossing them at the small of his back.

Barely aware of where he was going, he took them towards the bedroom.

It didn’t slow them down.

Jenny was running her hands up and down his naked chest, desperately returning his searing kisses.

Michael’s manhood throbbed so hard, to ease the ache; he began to rub himself against her moist crotch.

The need building inside of him was becoming a raging inferno.

Navigating his was carefully, he threw her on the bed.

She lay there looking dazed; legs sprawled out, her black lacy panties peeking through the dress that had ridden up.

She leaned on her elbows, kicking off her high heels and braced her legs on the bed.

She licked her lips seductively and began to knead her breasts through the bra.

Feeling like a king, he loomed over her.

Michael began to slowly unzip his pants, his thick big cock sprang free bobbing slightly as he get on the bed, bracing both hands on either side of her.

She looked delectable and her swollen pussy fuckable.

Getting to work he began eating her wet opening through the soaking slip of silk she wore.

She let out a low moan.

Slowly removing her thong, he thrust two fingers into her wet opening slipping them in and out in an increasing tempo, that made her moan louder thrashing her head from side to side.

Relentlessly he feasted on her warmth, kissing the insides of her milky thighs and gently nipping along her skin.

He continued to fuck her with his fingers feeling her body begin to clench.

Increasing his speed and adding a third finger he continued to suck on her sensitive bud.

It was enough.

She released a long moan, grabbing onto his hair she ground herself against his mouth, before her body stiffened.

He rode out the climax with her, licking her sweet opening until her spasms subsided.


She released a huffing breath “Michael that was….”

Before she could finish her sentence, he moved up and caught her mouth in another penetrating kiss.

She gave herself up to the heady sensations his mouth and tongue were doing to her insides.

She tasted her musky scent on his tongue; it caused moisture to flood down to her pussy again.

He made short work of removing the rest of her clothes, and in seconds they were both naked and breathing hard.

She opened her legs wide to give him entry to her wet opening.

Her eyes darkened in desire.

He grabbed a condom from the night stand and sheathed himself.

A moment later his thick manhood nudged at her entrance, impatient to feel him fill her, she surged her hips up to meet his tip.

He grabbed onto her undulating hips to her still, and began to rub his cock against her wet pussy, using shallow thrusts to get her heated.

Her hips began to buck up even harder; she clawed his back silently begging him to fill her core.

But he ignored her silent pleas and continued teasing her entrance.

Unable to hold back she grabbed his buttocks to pull him deeper inside of her

Please, please Michael” she whimpered.

Despite the sweat beading on his forehead and upper lip he said

Easy, love I’m going to come too soon if you keep that up”

She released a frustrated hiss and grabbed his face again for a searing kiss.

Michael slammed into her causing her to gasp and arch her back.

Not holding back he continued to thrust, hammering into her slick tight opening.

He grunted as he continued to drill his cock into her.

His penis felt like velvet steel and the friction of his manhood in her tight channel, felt so good her toes curled.

She gripped his buttocks tighter riding out the storm with him.

He kept up the pace of this thrusts, harder and deeper giving her no reprieve.

She thrashed her head from side to side, delighting in the guttural sound coming from him.

Oh fuck, I can’t hold on” he growled out.

Lifting her legs higher he aimed for deeper penetration, then slammed into her again giving her all he had, riding her hard until he felt her slick channel begin to pulse and clench around him.

Being inside her wet channel felt so good; it nearly drove him made with need.

He couldn’t control the feelings that were coursing through him, but he wanted to make sure tonight was as good for her as it was for him.

Gripping her thighs even tighter he gave her a few more powerful thrusts, and with a hoarse yell he spilled his seed, in thick powerful jets inside the sheath around his manhood.

Jenny’s walls clenched around him and her back arched heavily against the bed, she released a loud moan, and then fell limply on the bed.

Breathing heavily Michael flipped them around so that she was lying draped on his chest.

Still locked deep inside her, they drifted off into an exhausted sleep, lulled by the sound of each other’s beating hearts.


Before the night was over and the pink rays of the early morning sun began to peak over the horizon, they had made love several more times.

Their lust for each other insatiable, whispering sweet nothings in the darkness of night, they became bonded together.

Morning and its regrets were distant thoughts, than neither allowed to penetrate the magic of the night.

And as sleep finally claimed their sated bodies, they slept in a tangle of limbs subconsciously clinging to each other in a lovers knot.

Chapter 9

Jenny blinked against the harsh rays flooding the room, she turned to reach for Michael, and his side of the bed was empty.

Disappointment filled her and she flopped back against the pillows, letting out a huff.

Just great she thought he didn’t even leave a note to say goodbye.

Throwing her arm over her eyes, she held back tears.

So engrossed in her misery she failed to hear the bathroom door open.

“Ahhh your up” Michael said as he walked further into the bedroom.

He was wearing a white fluffy robe and his hair looked wet from a recent shower.

Jerking up in surprise she shyly looked in his direction, before busying herself looking for her fallen clothes.

Instead of responding to his statement she asked

What time is…I have to go”

Stay a while and have breakfast” he implored.

Before he could continue a knock came from the door.

They both turned towards the sound.

Room service” a voice on the other side of the door said.

Michael turned to Jenny “Why don’t you go take a bath and I’ll get that” she gave him a small nod.

Despite the fact that they had spent a passionate night together she still felt shy walking around naked with him so near, so she wrapped herself in one of the bed sheets and walked to the bathroom.

The bathroom was big and spacious and the tub as big as a small swimming pool.

She couldn’t resist and ran herself a foaming hot bath.

It was one of the most decadent baths she had ever had in her life.

She relaxed, letting the warm water wash away some of the soreness between her thighs.

Her face heated up as she thought of the wild hot sex they had until the early hours of this morning.

With another blush she sank to the bottom of the bath tub wetting her hair so she could wash it, and came up for air.


Michael was sitting by the table still in his robe, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper.

He heard her open the bathroom door and beckoned to her “Come and have breakfast with me love”.

The rumbling in her stomach reminded her that her body hadn’t had any nourishment in several hours, and she felt quite hungry after last night’s marathon session.

Taking a seat near him she lifted the lid on one of the covered plates “mmmmhh, thanks this looks delicious” she said between bites of food.

Do you have any plan for today” she asked him curiously.

He lifted a brow and smirked, maintaining eye contact he folded his paper and moved his chair closer to hers.

Her breath hitched, causing a sensual smile to curve over his lips and his eyes darkened.

Much as I would love to spend the day with you….I have a priory engagement” he ran a caressing finger against her cheek.

Causing her to shiver involuntarily;

Staring soulfully in his eyes she blurted out before she could catch herself “Am I ever going to see you again?

She clamped down on her lips, biting back any further words.

He gave her a sweet kiss on the lips before straightening. “Undoubtedly…

Listen, I’m meeting with my father for lunch…” he said, and then ran a frustrated hand

Through his hair “the old battle axe is being stubborn about his cancer treatments

And sighed before continuing “my mother is hoping I can talk some sense into him…uugggh but I really can’t hold out much hope”

Her eyes clouded over with concern, and she touched his arm gently.

Oh Michael is there anything I can do” she asked.

No little one, but thank you for your concern” Michael reached over and gave her another sweet kiss.

It was a deeper more lingering kiss, and he felt a stirring in his loins.

She was going to be bad for him, he thought already he wanted to be buried deep inside of her, thrusting and fucking her to their climax.

With a reluctant shake of his head he looked deeply into her eyes.

That dazed look she wore around him made his heart flip over a little.

Suppressing his desire he tweaked her nose playfully and made to get ready for his appointments.


Holding hands they exited the lobby of the hotel.

Once outside, Michael steered them towards where his town car was parked.

He had called for it earlier and the driver stood holding the door open.

Before he ushered her into the waiting car, he gave her a playful kiss and tugged the edges of her wrap closer together.

She let out a delighted giggle.

And what was that sweet kiss for Mr St Claire” she asked pertly.

Her happiness was infectious and something settled in his heart.

She made him feel lighter and happier than he had been in ages.

Tugging lightly on her curly hair, he smiled at her “That…was because you’re so adorable”.

He sobered after a bit “My driver Miles will take you back to your place”.

She frowned, and replied in exasperation “I’m a big girl Michael; I do know how to get home by myself”

I know” he said soothingly “But I’d rather have some peace of mind knowing you got there safe” he finished.

She gave an unladylike snort.

Please Jenny…just for me” he pleaded.

She thought it over a few moments.

Fine…but don’t thing this is going to be a habit” she warned.

Taking advantage of her distraction he bundled her into the car and closed the door.

Immediately, the darkened car window began to descend.

Aren’t you coming with me” she asked confused.

I’m going to take a cab…my meeting is just around the corner

She still looked sceptical, so he said “I’ll call you later” he smirked and added.

I programed your number into my phone when you were in the bath earlier”.

She rolled her eyes but gave him a small smile.

Satisfied that he would be able to get a hold of her later, he stepped aside to allow the car to drive off.

A silly smile stayed on his lips.

What a woman he thought with a shake of his head.

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