her misery

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the death of jemma will change thea forever :p i'm not a native english speaker so please don't judge my spelling mistake. though i would love some advice's :)))

Submitted: April 01, 2016

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Submitted: April 01, 2016



And there the bullet passed through her chest. Thea ran to Jemma and grabbed her right before fell. She held her in her arms, she held her as tight as possible. Her nail were painted in this black mate color, and they were full of blood. Thea’s hands were becoming colder at each second because of Jemma’s cold dying body. Jemma was lying in the arms of Thea, blood leaking out of her chest. They stared at each other, Jemma softly placed her hands on Thea’s cheek and smiled. They stared at each other Thea was fixed on the blue eyes of Jemma. Thea slowly stroke the black hair of Jemma and smiled and as tears came out of her eyes she announced

“I’m so sorry Jemma, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I should have never led you into this mess, I’m so sor---” a tear fell down Thea’s face. Jemma she had cut her off and said,

“It’s okay Thea, its- its all okay, I would do any anything for you, and it was not your fault” Thea was crying, she inhaled a big deep breath

“Jemma it is MY fault, it is my fault that you got sho--” Jemma had cut her off again

“No it’s not your fault, you didn’t pull that trigger. There are no regrets.” she took a moment and smiled, she removed her necklace, her lucky necklace and handed it to Thea, she wrapped her hands around it continued to talk but she got cut off by Jemma’s kiss

“Please don’t die, not here, not now” Thea whispered, letting all her tears free and she said with a big smile and a broken voice,

“Thea its perfect I’m dying in the arms of my first love, my first love whom I'll always love, I love you Thea, Thea I love y—” and there, right there, right at that moment Jemma vanished in Thea’s arms.

“Jemma, wake up! Jemma, Jemma. Wake up Jemma! Please don’t die, wake up! No! Please, Jemma, please! You think it's so great to die and make everyone cry and then carry on. Well, it’s not.” at that moment it meant Jemma was gone. Turned to ashes. She thought I would never see her again, NEVER, and she just cried.

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