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I need your help. Strange things happen to me and it was all to do with a mirror. If strange things happen to your after you've read this, I'm sorry but you need to run. Don't stop and spread the word, only then might your life be a little safer...

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012




The little box of matches felt comforting in my hand, and lighting the match illuminated the room partly. I put the flame to several candles which cast flickering shadows around the room. I never liked the dark, things whispered and I always felt like I was being watched. The worst thing was mirrors. You could see what was behind you but also you could see what really was in front of you.

Try something for me. When your on your own, it night and it’s completely silent place your palm on a mirror. Hold it there for a while, don’t move a mussel until you feel it. A little brush, like a leaf on your cheek. Pull as fast as you can, don’t let them know that you know about them. If you get a little creeped out don’t go tell anyone like I did. My family thought I was crazy, they took to doctors, mental hospitals to see if I had anything wrong with me. They soon found out I perfectly fine, I still had to go to a therapist though. He tried to help me but whenever I went over to his house and sat in his study with him, they started to show themselves to him too.

I couldn’t see them, which worried me because sometimes Dr Tyler would get really worried. I couldn’t understand why they wanted to come after me and scare the living daylights out of people. What had I done to them? Who or What even was it?

Even as I write this I know they are there, I can feel them they touch my arms sometimes, I have proof as well, the next day I’ll get bruises of hands. My dreams are bit creepy as well; in the dream I’m in a room and were ever I look a door is being closed. The same things go through my mind, What happened? Why were they leaving? And why was I, in the room?


I need your help somewhere in our world something is trying to get through to us, what for I’m not sure. The thing I can tell you is some of you who are reading this, well there’s a reason why you picked this book up. You had a sense of curiosity, but you are the ones who can see and discover these things. When you find out about them you will be in danger, you have spread the word, tell others like your self. Don’t stop for anything, if you do they will get you. I have lost so many people to them, family friends even my Therapist. Soon I’ll be gone and I’ll need you to try and help us all.


But that’s all I can tell you for now, the noose is tightening for me, I’ll write when I can. Tell you how my search is going. If I am any closer to finding their secret. I just have enough time to upload this, the candles are flickering and one by one are being blown out. I wonder how I’m gonna get out of this one? I avoided them for ages now.


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