I'm the One You Hear Screaming

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Just something I wrote in a vent about how horrible people can be sometimes.

Submitted: August 14, 2011

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Submitted: August 14, 2011




Hey out there, who’s listening?

I’m the one you hear screaming,

About all the people all around,

Who when I want them cant be found,

Or who want more from me than I can give,

Those who’d change the way I live.

Those who don’t care about me,

Only how helpful I can be,

The one who don’t care what I do now,

It’s all a matter of wanting someone to bow,

Down at there feet, obey their rules,

They’re the ones that are bloody fools,

Can’t trust any single one,

Not even to let you have your fun,

Cant trust the ones who are in your heart,

They’re where the trouble really starts,

And if you think to trust a total stranger,

You’ve stupidly put your life in danger.

Occasionally you see that passing angel,

Who manages to not totally mangle,

Everyone else’s life into something un pure,

For which there isn’t always a cure.

Everyone has a breaking point,

And they’ve all pushed me past mine.

I’m weary deep in every joint,

But I’m still young and in my prime.

Why doesn’t that spare me from the mess,

That is the human race?

They play you like a game of chess,

Rarely is that not the case.

Whoever’s listening, you should know,

It isn’t easy to make me go,

Off the deep end and into despair,

But this time they’ve locked me there.

You’ve been warned, though surely you knew,

What the failure called humankind can do.

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