Mathew's POem- My heart

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one of my freinds poems, really good, wanted to share it, please read and comment!

Submitted: February 19, 2009

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Submitted: February 19, 2009



my freind, who goes by the pen name mastermathew on another sight, wrote this, and asked me to post it with mine here on booksie. Please comment, I will tell him what you say! I need something to lift him out of his girl caused depression, so annoying.. anyway, onto the poem....

My heart- once big and bold

In your hand you now do hold,

whats mine is yours,

looking behind all the doors.

Looking at me like I am a waste of time,

Like interprutive dance or the pantamine,

Why wont you let me be,

let freedom come to me?

Your heart is so cold,

not fitting into that perfect mold

As in your hand you now do hold,

My heart that was once big and bold.

Mathews a bit of a depressionist, his idol is edgar allen poe, you see, but even though his poems are mostly about rejection, theyy are pretty good in the long run. I am going to set him uo an account for booksie so that he can have his poems viewed.

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