a love story in konaha

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a love story be tween two characters. when something happens to stop their love, what will happen?

Submitted: October 16, 2009

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Submitted: October 16, 2009



the prolouge:

dark shadows sit in the tree, a full moon shiining bright. their red eyes glisting. one of them teary eyed. "courtney i have to leave you."
"b-but itachi. you can't leave me and sasuke-san." itachi pull my face to his. "your ten courtney. in a few years i will be back. don't hate me, just love me." i nods. "please don't tell sasuke any of this. let him believe what he does." i nodds. "i will be back to check on you when your gennin. i love you." he kisses me, and dissapears.

its about three years later. i've been preying to my god eveynight that itachi is safe. sasuke has gotten stronger, his sharingon great. mine is pretty sweet too, but not strong as the true sharingan keepers. i was in a group with sasuke, werd boy naruto, and googoo eyed sakura. i was sitting next to sasuke in the chair, "of course! he's late.!!" naruto says. "your an idoit." me and sasuke say. we sigh. our leader ,kakashi walks in. "finanly."
we sit on a roof top introducing ourselves. "im courtney. you don't need to know mu last name. im practicaly a sister to sasuke.i have a plan to meet someone very soon. he should be here soon. my goal inlife is to meet that person." i nodd leaning back.
we get totraining. im in a hiding place when i feel eyes pouring into my back. "naruto!" i whisper. "courtney." his dark voice say. i turn slowly. "-i-itachi you came back!" i say. he covers my mouth with his lips. "come with me." he says. "put this on." he hands me a cloak with red clouds on it. "ok." i put it on. "lets go." we jump up and dissapear.

we walk to this place that is dark. "itachi what have you been- who is this?" a fishy guy says pointing to me. "a pearson." itachi says. "whatever."the fish guy says. "were latefor a meeting." he nods and we jump on theses hand things. itachi and i stand on the same hand like thing. "itachi. who have you brought here?" the werid guy says. "her name is courtney. you don't need to know why she's here." he jumps down, taking me with him. we walk int the back with these room things. "we share a room." he says. "get changed and get some sleep. were heading out tomorrow." he says, kissing me softly on the lips and exits.

i change and sleep.
"courtney wake up." someone whispers. "5 more mintues sasuke!" "courtney!" he yells in m y ear. owww!" don't do that itachi. this is new to me."
itachi rubs his forehead. "lets go." i get up and follow him out.
" courtney, this is kisame, my partener." itachi says to the fish guy with happens to be kisame. "were to ba- to konana." i whine. "why didn't you just leave me there!" i whine pouting. "itachi sighs. "were going there weather you like it or not." "kiss me, maybe then i will change my mind." he kisses me. i smile and skip ahead. "lets go!"

we arrive to konaha in three days time. "we are after naruto." "that little weirdo?" i ask. "yea."i isgh. "i probably could get him." "could you? but lets explore aa little first. i want to vist somewhere." i take him to the village. "sasuke is off training, so he won't be here." i take him to his old place, and flashback appear in out heads as we sit under a tree, heads pressed together.


we ran around this very tree laughing i stop, and itachi runs into me. we fall to the ground laughing. "ew mom! itachi and courtney are making out!" we laugh more and sit up. "silly brother. we were not doing any." itachi says ruffling sasukes hair. "stupid weasel." i laugh at this. itachi pins me down. "now what what funny. "nothing ... WEASEL!" i get up and run around again.
normal time-

i lean back hearing the gate open. "itachi sasuke's coming back!" we sit up hiding from him. when he goes into the house we sit down. "do you miss here?"
"kind of. i just cant let the others know." i nod. "i love you." i whisper." he nods, pressing his lips down on me. i sigh. "oh i forgot-" sasuke says walking out. "you!" he growls at itachi. "lets go." itachi whispers and we disapear. "no! i will get you brother!"

itachi ignores me when we go back to kisame. "itachi why arn't you talking to me?" he still ignores me. "fine." i sit down under a tree taking of my cloak
i wake up and its raining. itachi is next to me, his cloak on both of us. i kiss his cheak and close my eyes again.
when i awke, im cold, my noes is red, and i sneeze. "your sick courtney." itachi say. he presses a cold hand to my forehead and i sigh. "you have a high fever." he says. "kisame . go after naruto. im staying here." he says in a straight voice. after kisame left. he put his cloak on both of us. "get warm." i cuddled close to him and sneezed and fell asleep.

i sit up. they have got some info on naruto. i sigh. they say they will get him later. im still sick, to tired to get up. so itachi carrys me back to the place i still don't know the name of. itachi puts me in my bed and i sleep.
i place her in her bed and watch her sleep. why did i bring her here? she was much safer with my brother. i kiss her forhead and go to the meeting. "itachi. you must tell me about courtney why did you bring her here?" leader say. i sigh. "i needed her here with me. i fear for her saftey." i says quietly. "im leaving now." isay and go back to my room, where she lay.
courtney p.o.v
i wake up feeling his eye pouring into me. "courtney. the others want me to take you back where we cannot see each other any more."i sit up. "your not leaving me again.." i say. "im sorry." he knocks me out.

i wake up in sasuke's room. i cry. "hesgone hes gone." i keep reaptng. "your not leaving again courtney." sasuke says. "oh sasuke hes gone!" i cry into his shoulder.


its 5 years later. im chunnin now. i love sasuke with all my hearrt, tring to forget him. i can't say his name cause it hurts to much. i over hear something. "itachi has come back? is it true?" "yes it is. hes come back for courtney." i smile. "and naruto too. i sigh. i sit on the outskirts with my own team "go train guys, im gonna sit here for awhile. "yes courtney-sensi!" they go off. i look out over the horizzon, seeing a dark shape coming towards me. itachi looks so different i think and sigh. i watch him come past me. "itachi?" i say he turns slowly his eye getting a little bigger when he sees me. "18 now?" his dark voice says. i nod.

"what have you been doing with my brother? don't you love me?" he asks.
"im trying to forget the person who droped me away from you." i say turning my back to him. he wraps his aroms around me. "im sorry." he says kissing my neck. i shiver hitting him. "leave me alone!" i try to run away, but hegrabs me. "i can't stop thinking of you courtney. you have been on my mind since that long ago. you look wonderful now." he says putting his arms around my back, rubbing it slightly. i sigh turning away. "you still left me and it will be along time till i remember the way we were long ago." he knock me out again.

wake up in my old room at the palce i try to get out but strong arms hold me there. itachi without his shirt on. i smile "hello." i say. "hi." "its been to long." i press my lips to his.

ilay smiling finaly back with the person i love. but hes not here. "itachi?" she sits up looked around. he wasnt there. there was a note.
"courtney i love you, but i had to go think. if you awake, stay there. your not safe out of that room.
love itachi''
i crumble it and jump out the window.

i walk around the weird place. someone grabs my arm-fish boy. "oh look fish boy!" i say "its kisame." kisame says holding his giant sword. "oh scary dude." i walk away i feeling slice my arm. "OW! fish bo-" a gush of wind comes between us. "i thought i told you to stay ."his dark voice. "well itachi, since when am i known to stay in one place?" i growl. "got to the room." he says to me but glaring at kisame. i hold my arm and go.

itachi comes in with a rag. "i told you to listen to me.'' i pout turning away, but hold my arm out for him to clean up. "your lucky this is not infected and that you saw kisame. toby. i would kill him if he touched you."i turn "m-madara?" i ask. he nodds. "annd deidara would have put a bomb on you, they probably would of all kiled you, ecept for konan." he explains. "just stay in here and i will do things for you." he says,k ,wrapping my arm up. we both didn't notice the little camera pressed on record in the corner.

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