even a timelord feels love

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a story i wrote about the tenth doctor of docor who and rose tyler

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



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Even a time lord feels love.


A metallic sound filled the air

after a little while a blue box materialised.

A young looking handsome man stepped out.

His brown eyes looking as sad and lonely as he felt.

He thought back of all his friends he had travelling along side him.

Most of them forgot him. Some of them remembered but desisted to leave cause he wrecker there lives.

Some he left behind.

But just one left an other way sucked in to a parallel dimension.

She did not choose nor wanted to leave his side.

And he didn’t want her to leave him even more.

He hated to admit it but he loved her.

He loved her more than he loved any of his friends.

He sighted.

There was nothing he could do,

the walls of reality were closed of

she was lost.

As he passed along some stores he noticed something different.

It was not so much the time he was in he knew every era by heart.

It was more the mixture of two era,s in one.

It was like the past was caching up whit the present.

There were televisions and such.

But black and white had died out ages ago.

but there it was one half of the store was black and white and the other part as collared.

As he turned to see the other stores a face flashed on to the TV screens just for a second.

It was the face of a man whit short dark hair and brown eyes.

Before he faded out he smiled evilly as if he saw the man in front of the shop.

The man walked away.

As he passed the empty streets of London he noticed yet something ells that was different.

It was strange that the streets of London were empty normally there would be people shopping and talking loudly but now no one.

It wasn’t even that late he looked at a clock on the street corner

the arms showed 7 o'clock in the evening.

At long last some one passed him.


he said friendly.

The young women that passed him looked at him seemed to show a sense of recognize and started to scream.

did I do something?”

the man said.

It made the women scream harder.

At that the streets of London filled whit people coming out of there doors.

Some seemed angry and some seemed curios.

But most scared if they saw the man.

mister Retsam was right he would come back, the doctor”

a man spoke.

The doctor looked around.

A young women walked up to him one he had not seen in ages.


doctor we have to get out of here.”


you’re England's 1st enemy look.”

the dark skinned women pointed at a poster.

no way.”

he said as he saw his own face on the poster that said wanted dead ore a life.”

we have to get out of here before he finds you.”

he? Who is he?”

well talk in side my house just COME ON.”

the young women started running.

The doctor soon followed her pace.

When they entered a run down house they sat down.

A brown skinned male came to him.

nice to see you boss.”


yes he is my husband.”

finally over rose than.”

he said smiling.

But his eyes showed sadness beyond any after he said the name.”

yes but I see you aren’t.”

back to the point why am I wanted.”

because our ruler kind of wants that.”

and you’re ruler is this mister Retsam.”

yes but don’t you see?”

Martha said.

see what?”

Retsam is an anagram.”


most don’t remember him, hypnosis and you’re hocus pocus took care of that, but I do.”


the TV flashed on.

he will give the answer himself so it seems.”

mickey said.

In a moment a man’s face flashed on to the TV.

well, well people’s of England.”

the man on the TV spoke


the doctor said whit fear in his voice.

it seems that our enemy has shown himself.”

he looked angry.

but earthlings YOU let him get away.”

the doctor put on his glasses and looked at the TV

no matter I will let that pass, cause I found away to get our enemy right here.”

what does he think he has now?”

mickey said.

A moment later the screen flashed to a prison.

no no not yet.”

the master said.

I am not yet revealing my price you may try and find out doctor and if you don’t within the next day I will show you my price.”

he said and the screen flashed on to him.

turn yourself in doctor and make shore my price is safe.”

he said whit an evil smile.

till next broadcast my subjects.”

the TV became black again.

the master is here?”

yes and he has been speaking about his price for a month now not showing us.”

then what is it?”

I don’t know doctor but he has been boasting that it would send our enemy which is you flying to him and than London would once again be safe, I know its a lie cause we know you doctor but the world outside does not.”

how did the master do this?”

easy he came 5 years ago and he deposed the queen and became our dictator.”

why 5 years.”

the down fall of torchwood the battle of canary wharf the faith in the monarchy was low and he seized power.”

he came the day I lost rose to you.”

to me?”

to you’re world mickey, he came cause he knew I would be weak.”

he said

but why didn’t I sense him? “

he is a time traveller same as you, he just slipped back in time, time lines and all you never go back to a place and I doubt you would like to relive that one.”

Martha said.

I remember how you were after it when you met me when I mentioned Adeola you said it was terrible but there was more in you’re eyes.”

let me guess mentioning rose when ever he could.”
“oh yeah, I never understood it.”

nor did I the first time.”

the first time?”

well yeah I used to be whit her and I did see she loved him but I failed to see that the feeling was mutual.”

he loves her?, you love her?”

Martha shot at the doctor.

He looked at her whit his brown eyes filled whit sorrow.

am I not allowed?”

he asked.

am I allowed to love a human after I saved you’re world over and over?, am I not allowed to love her after I lived 800 years without love?, am I not allowed to fall in love whit a human?”

you are, it is just you never realise it whit you.”

mickey said lightly.”

why did you leave her mickey?”

simple she didn’t love me any more after a while I stopped loving her I left that world whit the last gap in it never saw her again.”

when was that?”

4 years ago.”

he met me after I left you we fell in love and told each other about well you realised we were more than lucky and we married.”

good job.”

the doctor said smiling,

but what does the master have?”

the Tardis?”

and he needs to keep her in a cage?”

good point k 9?”

mickey said.

I don’t know lets wait and see.”

after a good night sleep the doctor woke up in the guest room of the house of mickey and Martha.

Feeling as if he missed something, something important that would lead him to his answers.

After breakfast he started to axemen the TV to find a signal that might allow him to peek in to the masters head quarters .

Nothing happened.

The screen flashed on as soon as he had pushed the TV back.

Martha mickey.”

he said and they came to him

our lord and master is speaking soon.

After a short while the screen showed in deed the master.

Well subjects of England, as the doctor has failed to show himself again I am forced to show him and all of you my price.

The screen showed some one sitting on a chair whit a bag over his ore her face,

you could not see the sex of the person cause it was strapped in a strain jacket

this lady’s and gentlemen is my price.”

doctor I hope you are watching.”

get the bag of.”

the bag was taken of the face of the person.

Revealing a young blond women.

Her face was covered in blood and some cuts were seen.


the doctor said.

who is that?”

Martha asked.

Mickey also was on his feat looking horrified.

Mickey ,Doctor.”


the doctor spoke

look here doctor, you’re most precious companion.”

the doctors eyes went from sad to mad.

turn you’re self in doctor ore the next thing I will do is not torture her, but kill her.”

the TV got black again the sound of the masters evil laugh echoed in the doctors mind.

how did he get her here?”

mickey asked.

doctor how did he get rose here?”

I don’t know.”

he said.

but this is personal.”

of course it is don’t you see he will hurt her as long as he needs to to get to you.”

Martha said.”

its my fault he got her trough the gap I used to get trough didn’t he?”

no, I think he used it to get in, but she disappeared after you left ore you would have known”

probably but how did he get out?”

he must have known how to do it it used to be easy to travel between parallels,”

but the walls closed.”

not if you know how to open them I don’t but he might.”


meaning that he probably made the whole you slipped trough to get there.”

for what purpose?”

Martha finally asked.

to get her.”

why her?”

he hates me.”

than why her from a parallel I mean why not go back to right before she disappearance and steal her than?”

because I saw her father safe her, and before that she was whit me.”

so he stole her from our parallel world and keeps her hostage because?”

because I love her.”

how would he know that?”

Martha asked.

we see it in each others head. I might not have sensed him but he sensed me and went skipping about in my memories and feelings, he knows what I feel for rose, I have to safe her.”

no you don’t.”

mickey said.

you want her to die?”

the doctor said angry.

you want Rose Tyler, beautiful sweet Rose Tyler to die.?”

no of course not but if you die for her the world will never be safe.”

so its me ore her is that is?”

it seems so.”

than it is her.”

you don’t get it.”

what don’t I get?”

if you safe her and get killed the master will ravage the planet and eventually kill her to.”

not if it is just me he wants.”

he is right.”

a voice spoke.

Martha mickey and the doctor turned around.

In the door opening stood Sarah Jane smith whit her son and some of the doctors old friends.

who is right.”

you doctor he only wants you but in extension he will feel the power of killing you and take over the world.”


but, you seem to think you alone have to safe her, if we change the circumstances and all go.”

I cant do that.”

what if we chose to go?”

who are we?”

mickey asked.

shove it mickey mouse.”

a man said.


the doctor said.

and not just me doctor.”

some other figures came in to he house.

Pete Jacky?”

if that man has my daughter than by any god that lets me I will safe her.”

count me in.”

mickey said.

and me.”

Martha spoke.

and me.”

no way no you cant be here.”

a red headed women came in.



the university of torcwood was mixing up a solution before it perished captain jack finished it.”

solution for what.”

humanising a time lord.”

jack said proudly.

I took it and remembered all you took away and I am safe whit it now.”

I took the time lord out of her but restored her memory.”


lets get you’re rose doctor.”

Sarah Jane said.






On the other side of London in the old palace the master was preparing.

you wont make it out alive miss Tyler.”

why did you want me you could have gotten any other.”

no cause if you die his hearts will break in a million peace’s and he will beg me to kill him”


well miss Tyler that is a simple reason, he loves you.”

he loves all his companions.”

not like you.”

rose looked at him.

don’t worry miss Tyler I know you adore him and you will see him once more, for the last time of you’re life I want him to whitish you’re demise.”

he will safe me.”

I know I am counting on that, he is blinded by his feelings for you, so as soon as he is here I will kill you, and see him destroy himself whit sorrow and I will not kill him until he begs for it, until he realises you’re death is simply happening cause he knew you.”

don’t count on it time lord.”

she said.

The master hit her in her face.

I am you’re ruler and you will address me properly.”


she said.

He grabbed his screw driver and shot a laser beam at her.

She screamed in pain.

that will teach you.”

he will win.”

she said.

no I will I made the country scared of him.”

than he wont come and leave me here I don’t mind that as long as he is safe.”

he will come he loves you to much for that.”

after an hour ore 2 the master grabbed rose and threatened her whit a knife.

time for an other broadcast.”

well I would think doctor you would have been here by now it seems you don’t love her as much as I thought maybe I should dispose of her than.

don’t come doctor don’t I am disposable don’t come.”

rose screamed.

The master drove his knife in to her arm.

She screamed out in pain.

that is what I will do to her doctor kill her slowly bit by bit she is completely disfigured by the time I am trough whit her really want that to happen to you’re precious Rose Tyler?”

he wont come.”

she said

he listens to me.”

again he stabbed her only now in her leg what made her fall to the ground.

Again she screamed in pain.

film this to.”

he ordered the camera man.

The camera turned down

the master started kicking her.

Rose kept screaming in pain.

come and get her doctor if you want this to end.”

a metallic sound filled air.

here he comes.”

after a while nothing happened.

what on earth.”

the master said

meanwhile on the other side of the pales.

Ok I think it worked he will think we gave up.”

the doctor said.

how are we going to get my daughter out.”

I wish I knew.”

you dragged me here and maybe bursting in will be more dangerous than leaving her there?”

DONT YOU THINK, no never mind”


don’t you think I am worried about her?”

I don’t know you kind of cant die.”

I can die but I don’t care about that now.”

than what do you care about?”

he is a time lord to he will kill her he is that insane.”

and you are willing to risk that?”

no I am not.”

than what.”

I need a diversion I will distract him he hates me so he will be focus't on me just get her out.”

and what about you?”
Martha asked.

don’t care about me get her out.”


I am going to go in I saw a back entrance go in undetected and surprise him get her out ill try to get out to.”

Ok lets go than.”

the doctor walked to the front door.

I am here.”

he said to the guards.

I see that.”

the guard said.


he said in intercom microphone.

yes Lawrence.”

the doctor is here.”

excellent let him in.”

walk you.”

the doctor let himself get lead to the master.



so you came to behold my price.”

I came to get her you have me you don’t need her.”

maybe so, but you came cause I do have her.”

let er go it is all I want you can do whit me what ever you please.”

but you haven’t seen her yet.”

he said as he turned on a light.

Rose was tied up in the corner of the room she looked terrible her eyes were thick and black

she had bruises and cuts all over her.

I told you not to come.”

she said.

It took al her strength to speak.

let her go.”

the doctor said whit a pleading note in his voice.

I don’t think so.”

he noticed that the door at the far end of the room stood ajar and he saw movement at the back of it.

let her go and kill me.”

that is not enough I want more I want you destroyed.”

at that he shot a laser beam at rose it hit her in the shoulder and left a burn mark

she screamed in pain.

leave her alone she never did anything to you it is me you want, ME”

at that the master turned to the doctor losing al interest for rose.


than stop hurting her.”

no did you think I would let her live if you came?”

you promised.”

no I said it on TV that’s different I will kill her and you will watch.”

got her lose let go.”

mickey said to load.

The master turned around and saw how the others wanted to safe rose.

big mistake.”

he aimed his laser screwdriver to rose her heart.

let her go.”

he said whit a dangerous voice.

ore I will shoot 3 2 1.”

he pushed the button on his screw driver.


the doctor screamed and jumped in the path of the lazer.

It hit him full in the chest.

Captain jack jumped the masters back and forced a liquid down his trough and grabbed the screw driver.

The master fell on to the floor

what did you do to me?”

you’re human now.”

jack screamed.

Pete untied his daughter who made her way crawling to the doctor.

The doctor who was motionless on the floor seemed to be dead.

why did you do that?”

she asked whit tears in her eyes.

As she took him in to her arms.

he loves you rose.”

mickey said.

why did he come?”

to safe you, he much rather be dead whit you safe than alive whit you not around.”

he is dead I did it.”

the master said as he got up.

Jack cuffed him.

don’t you think you can go.”

let me.”

Martha said.

She kneeled down next to rose and the seemingly dead doctor.

She check him and shook her head.

At that rose started crying.

we are finally all here and I was willing to stay for you and you die.”

she kissed him and put him on the floor.

farewell my love.”

she said and tried to get up.

She fell back on to the floor.

I cant walk.”

she said as tears filled her eyes tears of sorrow and not of pain

Pete picket rose up and supported her.

lets honour his final wish and get out of here.”

they walked away whit the master restrained

Martha looked back and saw the doctor wink.

She knew he wasn't dead but it was part of his plan.

And she knew that so she said he was.

3 weeks after that the master was sentenced for 1000 years in prison

the queen had come back the the power.

London was safe.

The Tyler’s decided to stay in this world.

Every one seemed re leaved except rose.

he came for me, I got him killed.”

he said to her father.

rose honey, you know sometimes you don’t understand that he did it cause he loved you.”

but still I got him killed.”

the master would have found a way to still do that honey. “

Jacky said.

At that point there a sound came from the letter box.

Jacky went to see.

After a few minutes she came back.

its for you.”

she said to rose and she ave her a note.



To the edge of the street.


It said.

She decided to see who had sent it

slowly she made her way to the edge if the street cause she was still hurt

at the edge of the street there she was standing face to face whit the Tardis.

hey you.”

she said.

A sound came behind her she turned around scared to see what it was.

But nothing was there

when she turned back around there was a post it pasted on the Tardis.


Come on in


it said.

She opened the door.

The brilliant room that was revealed she knew better than any thing.

It made her feel sad and lonely.

long time no see girl”

she said stroking the console.

who led me here?”

she said to it.

I did, I thought for dramatic effect would wreck it if I just showed up and tell you come to the Tardis.”

a man's voice said.

She turned around to where the voice was coming from.

but I saw you die.”

she said she tried to walk to the point where she herd it fast but it hurt her.

no stay there.”

he said as the doctor came to her.

I never meant to hurt you but even you needed to think I was dead.”


so the master would he wont know I am alive, now I am free.”

he said coming close to her.


he thinks I’m dead the rest knows I am not. I just wanted to see you once more.”

just once?”

I can understand if you never want to see me again”

are you crazy?”

she said as she looked at him.

I just destroyed you’re life.”

by dying you did, doctor I have seen worse and you saved me from all of it.”

she said as she took his hand.

so you don’t hate me?”

he said whit a horse voice

I cant if I wanted to.”

at that she put her arms around him.

don’t you realise that when I say I love you I mean it for ever?”

the doctor smiled.

I do now.”

he said.

shut up.”

she said.


let me come again I loved it and I love you.”

tell you’re parents you’re coming than hurry back.”

O no you don’t you’re whit me ore you wonder of I know that trick by now my love.”

he laughed and kissed her.

finally you make a move normally I have to.”

she said smiling.

come on lets go to my parents.”

now I am in trouble.”

he said.

Rose laughed.

It felt good for her to laugh again.

O my god doctor.”

Jacky said.


he faked his death so he could be free and safe from the master.”

you almost destroyed my daughter making her think you were dead.”

Jacky said mad.

I didn’t mean to I never knew how much she cared about me.”

now you do and what are you going to do about it?”

the doctor smiled.

take her to travel whit me again.”

no you don’t.”

Jacky said.

yes he is mum I want to, I want to be whit the man I love, you of al people should know you went to a different universe to get there I want to go whit him.”

we cant make you stay.”

Pete said.

I can make you promise to be careful whit my girl.”

I will.”

the doctor said hugging her.

I love her as much as she loves me I wont dream of putting her in harms way.”

fine take her but rose come home as often as you can.”

I promise dad, come on lets go.”

and whit that the doctor and rose went to the Tardis and started there travels.

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