the underneath

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sharon is a young pregnant archeolegist in search of existence of a town that was burried a long time ago but she finds more than what she bargained for

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A young women is in a class room
whit allot of other people
"well ladies and gentlemen, we conclude our tour trough history whit our own town,
one says that underneath us lie the remains of an old castle and a town but no one ever found proof of that so we don't know if that is true but i will tell you the story."
the group sits down more comfortably to hear the story.
"we go back to years and years before in the year 1605 to be exact a young princes forced to marry a count moved to the castle what is believed to be right under our town, it wasn't a grate time to live she wasn't happy whit her husband but she was in love, a young farmer from the town swept her off her feet an affair started she only was sloppy and her husband found out about the affair, to make shore his cheating young wife would have what was coming for her he threw a party and the whole town was invited including the young princess her lover, after the party went on to much wine and food made the princes sneak her lover in to her room to make love, but the count of course cough them, the young farmer was sentenced to death by drowning the princes how ever who was royal wasn't allowed to be sentenced to death she was sentenced to remain tappet in her tower whit no other company than her loyal servant and best friend and a cook. the servant was allowed out every day the cook decided to be tappet whit her, rumors and journals indicate that the princess had a love child but it was never sustained cause no child was ever found, the servant did have children, 3 of them some say one of her children is the princes her love child but no evidence was found, the princes died when she was 50 years old bitter and sad, her diary was found and i have here her last entry."
the teacher opened an old yellow book.

"year 25,
hello my love i speak to thee once more hope bekkends in my heart that this will be the last i write to thee my love my heart beats lonely for ever,ever sins you're heart found death i feel no joy my heart died when yours stopped beating fear lessly i watch the stars the sun the moon and all that comes within a single day but all lost its magical touch on my person after you're breath was . my wish is that i lie down today on my balcony breath out my last breath, i long to join you again for ever this time i miss our daughter she should be a young women by now maybe we have grand children my love just maybe in my heart bekkends hope that she will be happier than we were in my heart grows hope that our next lives will find a way to be together without shame i feel tired now my love, see you soon, for ever my heart beats for you audina."

he closes the booklet.
"like i said proof was never found of the girls existence but who knows maybe one of you even descends from this half princes no one knows do they cause no record of the princes her existence except this little diary was ever discovered nor was the castle ore the town that should lie beneath us, we started our journey whit the history of our country but non is so intriguing as ours right here."
the teacher started telling stories about the building of the town and the founding of its important structures later on he came back to the castle what was believed o be still existing under them.
"i finish our last lesson whit this, don't always believe myths don't always believe legends but if they make a story that even shut all of you're moths id at least remember them might come in handy whit you're kids one day."
the class laughed
"next year well do the same only we go deeper for the ones that return for the ones that had enough of my chatter it was nice having you here good bye every one."
they got up the class became empty
the young women walked to her car.
"hold on miss."
a man said to her.
"misses thank you very much."
"well misses than did you enjoy it?"
"i think you even got my unborn baby to sleep, look i liked the princes story. it intrigued me, the rest was just for my job, i have to take these courses you know that, i like stories like the audina legend but i already heard it."
"i know you gave me the diary what reminds me here."
he handed the diary back to her."
"thank you, can i go home now I'm tired i want to be whit my husband who hopefully finished my nursery in stead of digging up artefact's."
"yes you can good luck whit you're family and you're job i am looking forward seeing you next year."
"yes well bye."
she got in to her car.
She hated these courses she was a archaeologist that loved history but having to hear the same stories year after year whit just little amount of changes, where most of those changes were discovered by her personally just made her job seem boring, she would love to have spend the last 6 weeks digging and finding in stead of back in school for a course on history.
She stopped at her house.
"hey honey had fun?"
"not really i hate hearing the same and hearing what you discovered and hearing the old same legends again, i much rather prove them right ore wrong than sit in a chair in a class room"
the young man kissed his wife.
"i know sweetie you can start digging again tomorrow."
"thank god."
the next morning it was a blistering hot day.
The young women was on the field digging for new artefact's and prove of things.
This part she loved to do.
On one side workers she hired were digging on the other side she and her husband were dooring the same.
"boss, boss we found something."
"come ill help you up baby."
the young man helped her up and they both climbed to the top of the digged pit.
"what is it?"
an other women came to them whit something in her hand.
What she was holding was an old scepter.
"o my goodness this might be the princes hers."
she examined the scepter and found a few words in runes an old dead language what she learned to read.
"he will never hold power over hearts he will find death once this touches earth and the town will go back to the sands from wens they came."
the other women said.
"Jacqueline come on."
she turned the scepter over a small symbol was on it.
her husband didn't seem to hear her.
she said loader this time he heard her he turned his head to face her."
"yes whats wrong?"
"nothing can i have the diary and maybe a quick kiss."
"coming at you my dear boss."
he handed her the yellowish diary and gave her a small kiss on her cheek.
"whit that you have to do till tonight."
"it will be hard but ill try."
she said teasing him
she opened the cover of the booklet

chapter one
the diary of a princes.

She started reading the diary.
Before she knew it she was intrigued by it
day one
you just left me to join the deceased my love
the pain is unbearable for me.
My heart longs to join you in death but i cannot
for i am from royal blooded so i may not be slayed by human punishment.
My punishment lies within the four walls of my tower
whit our unborn child within me.
I beg the goddess of the earth to be forgiving whit you're soul and let you enter heaven.
And i beg you to wait for me there until we can be together again.
I am writing letters to you my love.
knowing that you will never read them.
I bare my faith heavy hearted
I imprisoned you're brother whit me he chose to be my company until i lie death.
My dear friend angelica is part of the day in tombed whit me she was sentenced to serve me she is allowed to leave every day at sun down as long as she comes back at sun rise.
You gave me a child before you past to the other world maybe that is the only joy left in my life
knowing that not everything died of you but a peace of both of us will live on
it is time to dine my first meal in captivity my love
my heart beats for thee for ever

the young women swallowed.
"Sharon, honey."
the young women looked in to the eyes of her husband.
he hugged her.
"if you want to read that sit down in the tent not in the blistering sun thats bad for you and my little one."
"you're right sweetie i am sorry."
she got up and walked in to a huge sail in to big tent sticks that was on a grass area.
It was designed as a cafeteria for breaks.
"now where was i?"
she asked herself.
She opened the book again

day 2

pain becomes unbearable
our growing child within me is torturing my heart ass well
i feel happiness of it in side of me
yet i know it will be murdered if my husband finds evidence of its existence.
Until it is born i can keep it safe until it sees the light of life.
After that i must hide it from the world and from myself,
i intend to let our beloved friend angelica take it and raise it as her own.
It will give a final blow to my heart knowing i will never see its face after giving birth to it
but maybe i can see the beauty in letting it have a life
maybe just as servant but at least it will live
at least you're blood will go on.
I dreamed of you my love.
It was a peace full dream what i did not want to wake up from
my heart is starting to die.
and yet i live on.
My body seems to feel like an empty cage
an empty shell where once was a soul.
A soul that was fed happiness and love by you
but now nothing more than a memory
an empty memory
my heart beets for thee for ever

she kept reading on and on and found out allot of things about the princes that intrigued her so

day 280
twins my sweet Everard
we have beautiful twins
they saw the light of life early last night
i held them for small precious minutes
after that i had to give them away
I gave them to angelica.
It was the hardest thing i had to do after watching you lose you're precious life.
Oh my love i want them back but i can not.
Why is the price for royalty so high.
I envy young farmers daughters and servant girls who can marry out of love.
I envy mothers that can raise there children.
I envy even you.
You don't have to feel life suffocating you in to being nothing more than a empty Shel doing what must be done to live.
To be a walking death.
To be what i became.
You're brother does not know audin and everd exists.
Yes that is what i named them
audin everd there names will be changed i reckon
cause having names that look so much like ours will make my husband suspicious
i pray they will live happy and ignorant to the fact who there real parents are.
I pray every day he will never find out about them.
Maybe i can take joy out of the knowledge they exist and grow.
Maybe i can take comfort in knowing they learns to be them selves.
And perhaps one day they will have children of there own.
I know that one day i will join you in death.
I am looking forward to that day
my heart beats for thee for ever

Sharon noticed that the princes always ended whit the same sentence
she smiled and looked at her husband.
"you know audina i pretty much know what you feel except the lost part."
she said softly to herself.
She opened the next page after 4 hours of reading.

Year 6 my birth day

31 i will be today my love.
Angelica brought our young daughter whit her today
just so i feel a little joy in my life.
I feel sorrow that our son did not make it.
i feel more pain and suffering than one should feel
i can not write thee any more today my husband wants to talk to me
the first time I'm allowed outside my old don jon tower.
my heart beats for thee for ever

a tear fell on to the page.
Sharon felt on her eyes she was crying
the sadness and pain leaped of the pages.
She knew the feeling of love but not the feeling of loss

year 16 day 1

the town celebrates you're death
i mourn you ones more.
Angelica took audin whit her again she is becoming a gorgeous girl she is 15 and looks allot like me and also allot like you my love
she does not know i am her mother
but it is company i appreciate.
She at least does not celebrate you're departure from this world
my heart beats for thee for ever

when she opened the next page
Sharon suddenly realized that the symbol that was on the scepter
was on a page of the diary.
"o my god."
she started to reading what was written on the page it wasn't a diary page but it looked like a spell
You will not covet hearts
you will not father a child
he will never hold power over hearts
he will find death once this touches earth
and the town will go back to the sands from wens they came
this curse can never be lifted
for he will roam the earth
as a ghost
magic teaches him to poses.

Chapter 2
the scepters secret

she put down the diary and swallowed.
"want something to eat boss?"
one of the cooks asked.
She turned to him.
"no thank you I'm going to dig again."
she got out of the tent
she felt the sudden stroke of heat fall on to her.
"hey you, back?"
her husband asked.
"yes found any thing?"
"we found the very existence of the princes."
"you found her body?"
"no her crown, so we are close to her skeleton i think."
"this scepter is cursed."
"meaning that in her diary she mentioned a curse, a curse that would murder her husband and make the town return to sand, what if it did what if the legends are true, what if the town slit exists underneath us, cause of her curse."
"honey you're rambling again and its nonsense."
"I'm going to take a walk i remember something."
she walked away
she opened the doors to an old storm drain.
"i know i saw this."
she walked trough the drains and checked the wails carefully.
After 3 hours she stopped.
"i knew it."
she looked at the scepter in her hand and to the wall
the same small symbol was carved on to the stones.
"you did exist, is this the entrance to you're town audina?"
she searched the wall for a switch ore a loose stone but she couldn't find it.
"i want to see it i want to open it."
she turned her eyes on to the scepter.
After a while Sharon turned the scepter over to make the symbols touch.
Nothing happened.
"disappointing but ill get in."
she started hammering in to the wall whit the scepter but still nothing worked.
she heard whispering.
"who is there?"
"don't go in."
"who is there answer me."
the whispering stopped.
She walked out of the storm drain.
"i will be back an dim going in if who ever you are likes it ore not."
she said out loud and than she went back to the dig site.
Night almost fell when she reached it.
"are you out of you're mind?, i was worried sick about you."
her husband said while he hugged her.
"i am sorry honey."
"don't do that again don't go for such a long time without calling you know how crazy i get."
"you mean crazier baby."
"not funny at the moment."
"i am sorry i forgot track of time and than i heard some one whisper some weird things, so i am just sorry OK."
"its OK I'm sorry to i suffocate you whit my overprotective side."
"no you don't i married you for who you are you're weird side you're crazy side and you're overprotective one."
"i love you, lets go home."
they stepped in to a car and drove away.
"oh yeah where is that crown?"
"in the back you can see it at home."
he laughed.
"i promise."
they stopped at a small house.
"were home now i want the crown, robin come on"
"shouldn't you go and rest for a while honey?"
"her husband asked."
"no come on I'm pregnant not dieing pleas robin."
"fine as if i ever thought you would listen can i have a kiss for the crown?"
Sharon kissed her husband and took the princes her crown from it.
she examined the crown.
"how odd."
"what honey.?"
"well look the entire crown is made out of one peace but here is a color difference."
"that is weird baby come on lets have dinner and than you can examen that thing more just pleas come whit me."
she smiled.
"you're right."
she took his hand and they went inside
after dinner she took the scepter and the crown to the couch and sat down to examen both of them.
Robin sat down next to her and turned on the t,v.
"to reveal the secrets of the staff turn like the sun the other half."
"and that means baby."
"i have no idea but its worth trying to turn it."
"be careful OK put on one of those masks it can be bobby trapped whit poison."
"well you have to put one on to than."
"deal ill get them."
robin stood up to get 2 moth masks so he and Sharon would be safe if the scepter would be booby trapped.
After 2 minutes he was back.
"OK one of the sides it says the other side so i think thats the bottom."
Sharon said.
"no i don't look thats the first thing every one will think whit the other side try the top."
"and whats turning like the sun?"
"clock wise."
"OK here goes nothing."
she turned on the knob of the scepter and it opened it self up bu the symbol on it.
"how cool it worked."
a paper well out of the opening together whit a weird kind of gas.
"and thats why we were a mask baby."
she hugged her husband.
"OK lets go."
"she took the paper from the floor and opened it.
"its so old its fragile."
she said.
She started reading.
"to reach my village underneath the sands, tap 3 times on the symbol of the door of reckoning
resiting these words three times. Open the door of reckoning i command thee show me what no man els can see i order you to open for me so i can reveal the secrets of my family."
"and that means?"
"probably that only a blood relative of the princes can open this is so called door and considering we have no idea of her blood line we probably will never find the castle."
" well that is ancient time they didn't know as much as we do now."
"never the less i couldn't open the door before."
"you know where that door is?"
"yeah its pretty easy to find one of her blood relatives must have created it at the place that it is when the town was suckt underground ."
"you never told me you knew where it was."
"cause i didn't know that it was not even when i tried to open it today."
"you tried to open it?, are you out of you're mind, you're pregnant what if something happens to you and i lose you and the baby, i cant live without you."
Sharon hugged her husband.
"don't worry I'm no blood relative ore i would have been able to open it."
"you don't know that you didn't have the spell to open it yet you just found that, i don't want you to go there again not alone."
"i cant promise you that."
"you better if something happens to you i will never forgive myself, you are the only one that matters to me."
"never the less you know how things work sweetie every thing happen for a reason, and i got these things for a reason, i found the door of reckoning for a reason, maybe to open it and find the truth, and find the princes and prove the existence of her daughter right, cause if i can open it it means I'm family, it means that her blood line didn't stop whit her."
"i just don't want to lose you over something you want proved ether way i rather have you and our little one whit me and never know the answers were looking for, than find the answers but also having to bury both of you."
"i wont die."
"you don't know that you know magic better than any one, you know curses theres a reason the doorway is named door of reckoning, there is a reason that these things are so hidden, she cursed the town back to the sands so the future would be safe, if you open that up, magic can become evil on you magic can become an enemy, it can kill you."
"i will be careful don't worry."
"i do worry if you want to try and open it take some one whit you."
"i always have some one whit me our baby."
"i mean some one thats born and is an adult and can keep you safe."
"i am not taking you you have to lea the others."
"than take Jacqueline pleas."
"OK i will."
Sharon kissed her husband ones more and than walked to the phone.
It was still day so maybe she could pull it off this day even though it were in the twilight hours a torch ore flashlight. would be enough to light there way."
"darling Jacky agreed she will join me were going now."
"tell me where is the door so i can find you if it takes to long."
"no i will be fine Jacky is whit me, i love you."
she said and kissed robin.
"don't ever forget that OK."
"you're scaring me you are making it sound like you're not coming back."
"i am coming back but if something might ever happen tome you have to know how much i love you."
robin hugged his wife.
"i love you to, be careful whit you're self OK come home i cant go on without you."
Sharon walked away taking a few old torches 2 flashlights and allot of battery's whit her.
"robin i am going to go and see if i can open it see you later."
he hugged her one last time.
"you better come back to me ore ill make shore i revive you and kill you again."
she smiled and kissed him.
"i am going now, i love you."
she left the house.
Robin followed her outside.
"i love you to."
he said to her before she got in the car.
The scepter next to her the paper in her pocket.
She drove to a huge house.
She got out of her car and rang the doorbell
an elder man opened it.
"hello mister geralds is you're daughter home she was expecting me."
"i don't want Jacqueline to come whit you madam."
the man said to Sharon
"its OK daddy."
a younger blond women said.
"no Jacqueline i don't want you to go whit her she is an archaeologist i don't trust them."
"well daddy i do and I'm an adult I'm going bye dad."
Jacqueline grabbed her jacket and allot of battery,s to and she joined Sharon in her car.
"lets go."
they drove back to the storm drain.
"I'm not wearing the proper shoos for this Sharon."
"you're not wearing the proper shoos any time Jacky you know that."
"it was worth a shot."
she said and stuck out her tongue.
They opened the door and walked on to it.
Sharon gave Jacqueline a flash light and both walked on.
After 3 hours they reached the symbol."
"here goes nothing."
Sharon said she knocked three times on the symbol whit the scepter and said the words
the stones formed an arch way after she did it.
Jacqueline said.
They stepped trough the arch way and found a long staircase.
"i suppose we have to go down."
Sharon said and they started descending from the stairs.

Chapter 3
the town underneath

at the bottom of the stairs they found an other door
it was iron and looked heavy
"well it was a nice try."
"come on Jacky its not locket there would be a key in here if it was."
Sharon started pushing the door
it didn't budge
"see we cant get in."
"help me if it doesn't work well go home."
"why did i start working for you ."
"cause you're my best friend come on."
they started pushing the door together slowly bit by bit it opened.
" cool."
Jaquelin said.
"you and you're cool come on."
they waked trough the door
they saw a bridge.
"a bridge under ground?"
"doesn't surprise me."
they crossed the bridge
what they saw behind it was more than they imagined
"what is this?"
Sharon looked at her friend
"our town."
they went on .
"well if it is our town do you have a map?"
"funny Jacky, no I don't but amusing the castle is still here and every path should lead to that shouldn't it?"
"do you want to find out more bout the princes ore the town come on Sharon were here."
"i promised robin not to stay away to long."
"screw that were here."
" yeah you're right."
after 10 minutes of walking Jacky and Sharron passed a farm.
"wasn't her lover a local farmer?"
Jaquelin asked
"well heres a farm."
they went to the farm
"be careful the floors might be rotten watch you're step."
they opened the door .
"honey I'm home."
said Jacquelin.
"funny Jacky come on."
"split up and seek scream if you find something."
"no Jacky together Is more safe."
"OK attic."
she said enthusiastically
they climbed the old barok style stairs what led them in to a long hallway.
A loud bang was heard above there heads
"what the hell was that."
Sharon reacted frightened
"the farmer."
Jacky said and stick out her tongue
"hilarious ok we will never find out what it was if we don't go up."
they went trough the long hall way what lead to an other staircase.
"me first Sharon you have some one to protect."
Sharon nobbed and they climbed the stairs
it creaked and complained under there weight but it supported them.
They reached a huge attic full whit boxes and furniture.
"who moved all of this?"
"well Jacky if the owner dies in old times they boxed his ore her belongings and stored it in an attic ore seller so I think some men did and tried to sell the property to a new owner and he could decide what they would do whit the stuff of the deceased owner."
"you're such a history freak."
"i know."
"but how do we know if it is his?"
"his name was Everard."
"yes so?"
"well smart ass if we look for things of him ore find her well know."
"find her? Her body?"
"no something of her they loved each other didn't they she must have given him something."
"good point."
they started to unpack boxes
they found old clothing and a lot of paper that was so old you couldn't read its content any more.
Again they heard a loud bang only closer this time.
"there in the corner."
Jacky said.
They walked carefully to the corner they heard the bang coming from
when they reached it they saw it were 2 trunks that had fallen one had fallen open and some books had fallen out.
Sharon picket one of them up.
It was a book of poems written old fashion.
She came across one that was named audina.
"here listen."
they wind blows a warm summer breeze
they sun shines warmer ore so it seems
they birds sing louder every time you pass me by
my heart beats fearsly and I sigh.
For I will never poses you're love
they are bound in unhappy wedlock
my love for thee is grate and epic
oh pleas my princes
let me covet thee


"e? what in the name of my daddy does that mean?"
"i have no idea."
they kept looking in every box .
After 1 hour they heard creaking.
Sharon said while holding her finger to her moth
again a creek
"what is that?"
Jacquelin whispered
"sounds like footsteps."
Sharon whispered back.
The creaking stopped
"old houses gotta love em."
Jacky joked.
The girls laughed
after they realized this wasn't the right farm they went down stairs to look for nice things they could take to proof they had been there.
In one of the bed rooms they found a beautiful book and a few necklaces.
At that point they again heard a creak above them.
"lets get out of here."
they walked out of the farm
Jacky looked at it.
"shame it isn't the good one its pretty."
"yes it is maybe Everard wasn't that rich"
suddenly Jaquelin screamed
at the shock of that Sharon dropped the scepter.
"i thought I saw some one."
"how is that possible Jacky? "
"i don't know but I swear I saw some one by that window."
she picket the scepter back up.
"it is not damaged."
"what have you done?"
they heard a femail voice say.
"i did nothing."
the voice did not speak again.
The door of the farm creaked loudly
"who is there?"
Sharon asked as she turned around
no answer was given
"of course not come on Sharon get a grip."
she said to herself
again the door creaked
"i get it it is a door that creaks."
she looked at the door way but now a dark figure was standing right in side of it.

Chapter 4
The count

"Run Sharon."
Jaquelin screamed and pulled Sharon on her arm.
"NO wait."
she said.
"Who are you."
The dark figure stepped out of the door way.
"Who are you, how did you get here?"
The dark figure took another step and tripped over something.
a man said.
"Sharon go, he's down."
"No I know that voice."
She aimed her flashlight to the dark figure.
She ran to her husband.
"How did you get here?"
she said, as she helped him up.
"I followed you two, hid myself in the dark, didn't want you to see me."
"You were the creaking we heard?"
Robin nobbed.
"Nice going jackass."
"Jacky shut up I, just wanted to protect my family."
"Please stop."
A weird kind of smoke came their way.
"Jacky take Sharon, get her far enough away and wait for me."
he said
The smoke penetrated Robins nose and mouth, when Sharon and Jacky looked back.
"No, Robin!!"
Sharon screamed and wanted to run back
Jacqueline stopped her.
"No, I said no, listen to me Sharon, it is probably just smoky dust or something ‘cause we opened it after so long, check the cob webs."
At the metal door they waited, 3 hours passed and finally Robin showed himself
Sharon said and ran to him.
He walked up to her.
His left foot limping a bit he didn't do before.
"Are you ok?"
"Yes I am fine."
he said.
"Did you trip?"
"Yes I did, shall we go."
Robin led the girls up the stairs.
"Can I have the sceptre?"
"Yes, but why?"
"I want to take a closer look."
he said in a snappy way
"Ok you're acting weird."
Sharon said and gave him the sceptre.
He took it from her.
Sharon looked at her arm.
"Mom's bracelet."
"Leave it.
Jacky said.
"No, it belonged to my ancestors, I have to have it."
"What about us?"
"You go and wait for me at the arch way, I'll be there as soon as I can ."
Robin said
Jacky looked at him
"You let her go alone, your pregnant wife?"
"Yeah she says she'll be there as soon as she can."
Sharon said and kissed her husband on his cheek and ran back in to the town.
Jacky and Robin went up the stairs.
Back in the town she went in to the farm to find her bracelet.
It took her 30 minutes to find it back in the attic, it was hidden under a book.
She opened the book to see what was inside.
It turned out to be a picture album
She snipped trough it until he found a picture
of a young women that looked exactly like her.
"My Audina."
was written under it.
"this is the right farm."
She said to herself.
She put on her bracelet and walked back to the door.
"Well I can at least come back tomorrow. Or today I don't even know what time it is."
She climbed the stairs and headed to the arch way
When she reached it
It was gone
She started hitting the brick wall
No answer.
"Let me out of here Robin."
"Jacky, let me out,"
She sat down tired of hitting her, left fist was bleeding
"He would never leave me, what happened?"
she asked herself.

Chapter 5
who is he

"what on earth did you do you left her, WHAT IS WRONG WHIT YOU."
Jacky screamed at robin after he had pulled her out of the arch way what made it close.
"this stays between us do you hear me we never were here and that women."
"that women? That women is your wife whats wrong whit you?"
"listen I don't have time I have to get things done"
robin walked away leaving Jacky in the storm drain.
"come on open."
she said as she resided the spell for a 5th time
"come on let her out."
after 7 hours of trying she gave up.
"I will get you out I promise."
she said to the wall hoping Sharon heard her.
She went out of the storm drain to find robin.
She found him at the dig side.
"you are all so way off the town is no where near here."
he was screaming at the workers.
"no every one keep digging go on keep digging."
"he is the boss miss."
"I order you to keep digging he is not himself and if our bosses aren't doing well I am the boss so keep digging."
she walked up to robin.
"you follow me."
robin followed Jacky in to the tent.
"you are not my friends husband are you?"
"of course I am."
"why did you leave her than robin you love her don't you?, why did you leave her?"
he smiled at her.
"cause I was sick of her nagging."
she hit him in the face.
"you are not robin he would never say that about her NEVER."
he smiled at her more.
"what makes you think I am not."
"I know you're in there robin fight it get out."
he kept smiling.
"as long as she is down there and i am in here no one can banish me."
"what?, who are you?"
"non of you're business."
"what do you mean with no one can banish you?"
"she is the last descended if she dies I am here for ever."
"only a blood relative can banish you?"
"why do you think she knows magic you simpleton she can banish me back in to the town but I wont let it happen."
"you have no choice, he will not let you kill her."
"he is mine now he wont have a choice but to wait until she is dead."
"we will see."
"yes we will see."
"keep digging hurry up we need to find that town."
"why miss?"
"cause I say so."
"you are wasting you're time, by the time they reach the town they will find a body and probably identify it as princes audina."
he said laughing.
"i win, and when I won this I will make shore no one can ever reach the town again."
"so there is a way to get in?"
"how would I know stupid witch, my death triggered the disappearance of it I am just taking back what is mine."
"you are the count, you are audina her husband."
"you're dead how is this possible?"
"it is called possessing."
"get out of him."
"not until the witch that can banish me is dead."
"what do you mean?"
"i mean that only a blood relative of my wife can banish me, I assume that the one I locket in is the last remaining relative, and there is only one other way out of there but she will never find it ,well not in time."
"a possession can be faugth of if the host is strong enough."
"i am in here aren't I?"
"yes but you don't know the power of love."
the count laughed
as he walked away Jacky screamed after him
"don't think he will let her die she is 8 months pregnant whit his child and he cant live without her."
the count came back to her.
"he cant live without her?"
"no he loves her whit all his heart, he will fight you off."
"as much as he did?, would he die for her?"
"without a doubt."
some sign of fear came into the counts eyes.
He walked away Les shore of himself
he turned back to her.
"you better do as I say ore you're friend runs out of air she doesn't have unlimited amount of that now the archway is sealed, think about that instead of trying to banish me cause know this she is the only one that can open that door."
"without the scepter she cant."
"there is a way but only she can find it it is in there I can help her find it by magically dropping one hint ore I can leave her there to rot for eternity you decide."
he walked away and was almost hit by a car
"what the hell was that?"
"a car I suggest that you stay close to me if his body dies you have no where to go."
Jacky drove her and the count to robin and sharons house and let herself in.
she had no intention of going home to her dad she had just one objective in mind.
and that was saving her friend from sudden death.
Even though she had no clue on how she would do that
she walked trough the house
she had one thing to find.
Sharons book of shadows
maybe the answer of unpossessing robin would be in there.
She figured that that was the first step she had to take getting the count out of robin.

Chapter 6


Under ground Sharon was sitting on the floor.

Her head was throbbing and she felt tired.

After 20 minutes she got up.

“well I might as well try and find some answers.”

she walked down the stairs again.


she said as she clutched her stomach.

“can you kick less painful?”

she said to her unborn baby.

At the bottom of the stairs she saw the bridge again.

Whit an other painful sting in her stomach she walked on.

She reached the farm again.

She tried to look beyond it but there was some strange fog like smoke preventing her to see more than the farm and the houses next to it beyond the street she couldn’t see.

She went in to the farm to search it for answers to get out.

She started down in the bedroom where she found the jewels.

After a while she went on to other rooms.

In one room she saw a crib one where you put a baby in.

it was strange she thought it was merely days after the princes died that she buried the town.

And there were no skeletons found not even in the crib

as if the people that lived here were completely de solved by the soil that hid them.

After a little while she found an old trunk in the room

when she opened it she found clothing for a baby.

An other painful sting in her stomach forced her to sit down.

“come on little one hang on.”

she said as she got up.

She found a few clothes she liked and packet them in the bag where she kept the torches.

she left the farm after finding nothing more and decided to walk to where the strange mist was coming from.

But after five minutes she felt an other painful sting in her stomach and her water broke.

She decided to get back to the farm as fast as she could.

In the farm she gave birth to a baby girl whom she called Arwen.

She cleaned her baby as good as she could and dressed her.

“you’re daddy is going to kill me when he finds out I named you this.”

she said as she laid the baby in the crib she found.

She fell asleep herself soon after.

After a few hours she woke up

hungry from every thing she went trough

but no where she could find food of course not she though

she decided to feed her daugther that she could do.

After that she fell asleep again having her daughter weekend her.

After an hour ore two she got woken up again.

Somehow there was a plate in front of her whit fresh looking food and a glass of fresh water.

She didn’t question it but ate the food and drank the water it made her powerful enough to stand up and walk.

She decided to go back to the attic hoping she could find something to move her baby in so she could ex amen this town for all she had.

She needed to find the source of the fresh food she had just ate and not only that she needed to find her way out if it wasn’t for her it was for her daughter.

Definitely considering she felt the air running thinner.

It meant she had no unlimited supply of air.

After a while she found an old baby carriage.

It was pretty much in tact just a little dusty

she got the dust out as good as she could she took of her sweater and put it in the baby carriage so Arwen could lay on a clean underground.

She took it down stairs and went back to the room whit the crib to pick up her baby.

After she went out of the farm she went as fast as she could back to where she came from right before her daughter wanted to come to this world.

“we need to make it out of here yore dad will kill me all over again if we both don’t make it out.”

she said it was nothing more than a whisper.

After what seemed like hour’s she found a castle.

“yeah now I find you.”

she said as she walked over the bridge.

Strange enough there was still water in the moat that ran around the castle.

She went in to the castle.

It was more brilliant that she Imagent.

“Arwen look its gorgeous.”

she went scouting around the castle.

After a little while she saw a room called the linen room.

As she went in she found sheets on dry lines and folded sheets

she decided to take one from the middle of the pike cause that would have gathered the least bit of dust

she slammed the dust that was on it out and covered her daughter up whit the sheet.

“at least you will be warm.”

She said shivering.

Cause of the fact that sun light wasn’t able to get to the underground it was freezing here.

She coughed.

“the air is wearing thinner we have to get out of here fast Arwen.”

she said.

She found some baby clothes here to gorgeous once that were worthy of a princes.

She put them in her bag to.

She got more and more worried that today would be her last day

and also the last day of her new born baby.

If it was just her breathing the air would hold out a little longer.

But whit her baby now breathing the air to it would run out faster..

she found a bed in a square tower.

After walking around for hours she was feeling tired.

Not long after Sharon laid down she fell asleep.

After waking up again she felt short on breath, she knew she had to get to the gate fast

and hoping she could open it ore she would perish.

She took her baby and walked out of the castle.

As fast as she could she went to warts where the arch way once was

but the thin air was slowing her down.

After she past the farm she fell down.

“have to make it.”

she said to herself.

She managed to stand up and walk further when she reached the new row of houses she fell down again.

“I cant.”

she said

she pushed the carriage where her baby was in further and made her way slowly a little further.

But not much later she lost continuousness

the air was to thin.

to be contineud

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