the underneath part 2

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part twoo of the underneath

sharon is pregnant a young archeolegist in search of a burried town but she finds more than what she bargained for

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012




the underneath part 2

Chapter 7

Jacky,s secrets revealed.


After trying al day to find a way to expel him in Sharon’s book of shadows she was unsuccessful

he was still in.

“she want last long.”

he sad.

“do you really want to be responsible for the death if you’re friend and her baby?”

“shut up.”

after using a score of spells and potions she kept being unsuccessful.

“I will find a way.”

she drove home as fast as she could

Jacky lived in a huge mansion that held a lot of secrets but at the moment there was only one secret she wanted to find.

Who her mother was and why she couldn’t remember being a young girl.


she screamed.


soon after he came down the stairs.

“you said that once I would need it you would tell me so tell me.”

“tell you what?”

“my name what is my real name who was my mother where am I from and why cant I remember being little every one even you remember being young I don’t it is like I was born 5 years ago.”

her father sighted.

“do not think evil of me.”

“what are you talking about.”

“you’re name is not Jacqueline nor am I you’re father.”

“then what?”

“we knew my love that one day she would be in danger that is why I had to ceep her from you to protect both of you.”

robin came in.


Jacky he father said.

“do I know you?”

“you’re the count are you not.”

the man spoke.

“how would you know?”

“where is she?”

“where is who?”

“forgive me my love once I revealed you’re true name you will be in danger.”

“will it also explain my dream about feeding my friend?”

“yes it will.”

the man said and made shore Jacky was a safe distance from the count.

“you’re name is audience meridel the body of Jacqueline was vacant she died 5 years ago the order of protectors of you’re blood line summoned you in this body but it went wrong and you forgot who you were, you’re friend is in fact you’re grate grate grand daughter but she does not have to know that you can stay Jacky.”

“than who are you if not my father.”

“it is true I am in the body if her father but I am non other than you’re former lover everard fosworth.”

“you led us to you’re farm.”

“yes and you my love warned Sharon not to go in but she ignored you’re spirit side.”

“my spirit side?”

“you have a spirit side you see them as dreams in stead of reality it is when one of our relatives is in danger you become a ghost like entity that does al sorts of things you warned her not to go in you gave her food to keep herself alive but I fear time is running out we need to get back in but this body is no blood relative of us my love we need to find the missing one.”

“and who would that be I have to safe my friend my grand daughter what ever she is she matters to me.”

“as does she for me I was not allowed to show but I fear time is running out for her and her baby I saw them they have not much time left.”


robin said.

“I forgot you were here count.”

“audina I should have seen.”

“how could you not banish me for you are the one that cursed me.”

Jacqueline tried to remember who she was.

“there is a treasure of memories in side of you my love find it and banish him out.”

“i cant only she can.”

“you can remember who you are.”

“but I like being Jacqueline.”

“I know and you can go back to being her but you need to remember being audina now”

“I cant.”

“it is to safe her.”

a golden glow appeared above Jacky,s head.

After a short while it made its way in her head.

Her eyes gave the same golden glow as the golden cloud that was above her head just moment ago.

“you will not harm my great grand daughter I will not have you kill any more of my children.”

she spoke in a strange voice.

“you can not hurt me audina.”

“no I can not but I can make the inhibitor of this body fight and I can help him kick you out.”

“I like to see you try.”

“i fought you once and won and I will again.”


“robin, you are in there I know you are fight ore you’re lover will die fight him of ore you’re wife and baby will die down in my town fight.”

the glow in her eyes became a beam that entered robins eyes.

“audience don’t give to much you’re her only hope don’t fight to hard.”

everard said.

“my love this is not our time.”

she said.

“may not be but you can be Jacqueline and live a full live I will leave and find an other body her father will not know his daughter had died ill find a body that you can love that is vacant stay safe.”

at that point robin started coughing.

“where am I?”

he asked .

Jacqueline's eyes stopped glowing.

“robin is that you?”

she said.

“yeah yeah where are we where is my wife?”

“she is under ground she is not safe.”

“you left her there?”

“no you did you were possessed you left her there we have to get her and you’re baby ore they l both die.”

“you can not get in.”

everard spoke.

“the hell I cant Jacky do you have an axe ore something.


at that point a silvery glow left the body of Jacqueline's father.


“don’t ask father we have to safe my best friend.”

“but you’re better.”

“yes father a miracle doctor took me and whippet you’re memory I am cured but I need to get my friend.”

“be care full honey.”

“I will daddy.”

she said and she left.

“you do realise it is a magical door?”

“hidden behind stone I can get it open.”

“good luck.”

she said.

At that point Jacky saw Sharon standing in front of her transparent.

“where am I?”

“no no you cant be dead yet.”

she said.

“i think I am uncontentious the air was getting thin don’t worry about me safe my daughter.”

“you have a daughter?”

“yes I am not important.”

Jacky turned to robin.

“I,ll be right there I forgot something.”

she said and she ran to her car.

“I hope this works.”

she sad.

She grabbed a spare air container and taped in to her spirit self.

Within a moment she had found Sharon.

She opened the container and air flew out of it.

Sharon started coughing after a moment and regained continuousness

not enough to hold on to it but it bought her and her baby more time.

When Jacky was back in her body she ran in to the storm drain whit 3 other air containers.

She found robin after a short walk he was at the door and was trying to open it.

“here take this.”

she said as she gave him the container.


“you might need it .”

Jacky had the sceptre in her hand.

“it needs to open now she doesn’t have time.”

she said to herself..

she looked at the sceptre and remembered how to open the other side.

“stand back.”

she said as she launched all her magic in to the receiver it shot a huge load of energy in to the wall and it opened.

“how did you do that.?”

“how about saving you’re family before I answer that.”

“good point.”

he said and he went trough the hole Jacky had made.


Chapter 8



Jacky and robin ran to the iron door.

The air wasn’t fast enough to fill the entire town right away.

“she’s near the farms.”

Jacky screamed and started running.

“how do you know that?”

“safe first answers later come on.”

Jacky kept running.

”she was here”

she said.

“its to dark we might have past her.”

robin said.

“you’re right.”

Jacky said again she took the sceptre.

“burn my old friend brighter than the sun.

show us where we came from you still hold the magic BURN.”

she let the sceptre go and it rose up giving of a bright light.

“I knew you could still do it.”

she said.

As the whole town lighted up they saw Sharon lie a little bit further back.

It seemed she had made her way back a little bit more.

“how did you do that how could that thing do that.”

she gave Sharon her container of spare air and opened the other one and placed it In the carriage so the little girl would have air to.

“i am not who you think I am.”

she said.

“than who are you and can I trust you.”

“i am no one ells than the person you hired there is just more to me.”

“and that is?'

“I am audina meridel.”

“the princes?”

“yes, Sharon is my grate grate grand daughter I was summoned in this body to watch over her the real Jacqueline died I am to stay her till her body lets me die again,all I want to be is her friend now and keep her and you’re daughter safe.”

“how did you make that thing glow.”

“easy magic the magic I poses stopped me from remembering who I am but now I do so the magic inside of me can open doors whit my wand and I can make it glow to lighten our path.”

“its a magic wand?”


“doesn’t explain how you knew she was here”

“this might.”

she said as she went in to her ghost side.

“Jacky are you oke?”

robin asked.

“behind you.”

she said he turned around and there was she standing again.


“this is my ghost side it can penetrate every thing even enter the town if in need to I been keeping an eye on her ever sins she was trapped here but I could not give her air without a fiscal air container I did before that’s why she is still alive but comatose right now she will be ok as soon as her oxygen comes back.

“so you have been keeping her safe?”

“as safe as I could.”

“as a ghost?”

“yeah something like that.”

“I don’t understand.”

“its oke she will.”

Jacky went back on to her body.

“shall we get them out of here you grab you’re wife ill get you’re daughter and my wand.


he said following Jacky,s orders.

“come here my love you did well come back to me.”

she said.

The sceptre flew back to her as it stopped in front of her she took it.

“you can rest now until I need you again.”

she took the baby and both she and robin walked to the hole in the wall.

“now what there a hole in this wall and it can trap some one ells.

“no hold on, put you’re wife down a second and take the baby of me.”

robin did what Jacky asked.


she said and held her hands out.”

its tricky I havend done this in a century ore 2 give ore take 50 years.”

she said.

“close the door of reckoning so it can be opened when its meant keep its secrets in side close now this grate and powerful divide.”

the wall repaired itself.

“right Sharon does not need to know who I am only you and I will know it is our secret for all we know I am Jacky her best friend get it?”

“yes, yes I understand.”

“grate now lets get those two to a hospital she needs to get checked out.”

she said as she took the baby out of her fathers arms.

“and she needs oxygen.”

the next day robin and Jacky went back to the hospital where they had left Sharon and Arwen


Sharon said faintly.


Jacky said

“how are you feeling?”


“not that strange you had our baby and went exploring and almost died all in 2 days.”

robin said stroking his wife’s hair.

“you can rest now at home Arwen is oke she is already home, and I am here to pick you up.”

Sharon smiled.

“one thing though.”

“what is that?”

“I get to pick our next child’s name if we have an other because I mean come on Arwen?”

Sharon laughed as hard as she could in her weakened state.

“its good to see you laugh again you’re never going down there again.

“but all the secrets than?”

she said.

“oke fine but this time spare air no baby and twenty helpers not one and you out first.”

she smiled, she was safe now safe and home.

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