Rewriting My Story

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A poem of inspiration for anyone who wants to change the way they are living their life.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013





I am rewriting my story starting right here

a story that puts a stop to avoiding pain and fear

I want to change how my life always seems to turn out

I no longer care for people's comments or their doubt

Cuz what I believe in now is myself

I don't need anything to lean on or hold me up

Just a few good friends to make me laugh

who help me dust off the dirt

and get through the worst

they can inspire my art

and strengthen my heart, just like this ?

I'm not saying I am going to change all of my ways...

I am just going to look at them with a new gaze

so don't think I'm going soft

cuz I still like to put up a fight

I just want more out of my life

so I am going to start with this story that I write

A story like this... nothing more nothing less

just all my dreams wound up into words and thoughts

spread out and untangled from my knots

I want a life filled and overflowing into empty cups

filled with joy, laughter, and love

I want to explore a city and then hike through a woods another day

I want life to be crazy, eccentric, and sporadic

just like me in most ways

I want to help other people achieve goals and shine

Sometimes that desire seems more important than any goals of mine

I want to be somewhere where summer is summer

and fun is fun

where I can live under a glowing sun

where people can hold each other in their arms

with friends or lovers, watching clouds or stars

I want to become the truest form of me

as unique as every bird or fish in the sea

I have made some mistakes in my past

but none that I regret..

In the end only God can judge 

What is and what was

I just want this and so much more, more than the less

for the worst but hopefully for the best

I want more then a far off "someday" can give

Oh I just want to live!

and take life day by day

So that's why I am rewriting my story today.

© Copyright 2017 Elsa Marie . All rights reserved.

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