The Babysitter

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What has the families pet dog on edge a babysitter wonders?

Submitted: May 19, 2013

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Submitted: May 19, 2013





It was one of those summer days, in one of those woods. The house planted in the middle of nowhere. I thought looking through my hair. I approached the house which looked more like a log cabin and was greeted by the kids I would be looking after. Twin girls and their brother all three were very active from what I could see and the parents were just getting ready to leave.

The dog began barking for no reason and the father said to me, “don’t worry the dog does that from time to time.” I nodded my head in understanding and thanked them both for giving me the job. The parents then grabbed their few things and said good bye to their children and before I knew it they were gone and it was just the children the dog and me. So I asked them what they wanted to do today and of course they said let’s play pretend. So then we were explorers searching through the woods and we were cowgirls and a cowboy and then we were hunters on a dangerous wild hunt. And then I was tired and the children were. So what to do next? I thought it over and looked at the time it was past noon the sun was just heading for the other side. No harm in going inside and making lunch there was no one around the children were safe I thought. I told them to go play around but not to go too far. And at this it almost seemed the dog began to whine. So off the three went playing hide and go seek with the dog close behind always whining always sniffing as I went inside.

 As I made lunch overcast began making it dark quicker than I had planned. However the table was set now at least and I was about to go outside when there was an ear piercing scream. I sprinted outside calling to the kids and was met with hysterical barking. I rushed over a hill and found one of the twins sitting and crying. As I picked the little girl up I noticed a cut on her knee.

So I asked her, “Does it hurt? What happened?”

She replied, “No… something scared me.”

I looked at her carefully and asked, “What scared you?” She looked at the dog as a whine escaped its lips. “Hush.” I reminded it gently. All the little girl could do was point up, up at the tree. On the side of the trunk was a deep gash I only glanced at it briefly and then told the little girl some deer must have been sharpening his antlers. By now her brother and sister had come to see what the matter was. I herded them inside for some food and quiet time and the dog followed behind beginning to whine again and glance back nervously.

The children happily ate their lunch and put in a movie and I began to clean. I watched the dog carefully it seemed to get more twitchy with each passing minute. That dog couldn’t keep still for the life of it. Then a creak came from the darkening yard and up the dog was howling on its feet looking out to the front yard. It was shady outside to say the least and the children were not bothered at all by the dog. It really made me nervous though so when it jumped at the door and window I let the dog go outside. A little later it was only 6:00 pm now and the kids wanted to go outside.

 “Ok but only for an hour because it is getting dark outside I will finish up in here and be right out,” I told them as they ran outside. I shook her head smiling at how wild they were hearing them go crashing through the woods laughing and calling. As I finished cleaning a sudden thought came to my mind the cut in the tree had been too high. No deer could have reached up there it would have had to be something that climbed. Then I realized I hadn’t heard from that dog for a long time.

As I realized this I turned around just for a short time to put the plates down I didn’t even have a chance when the screaming started followed by two more screams and sobbing. I listened for the dog but it never sounded the alarm as I slammed the plates down and rushed to the door. I was in full panic that paranoid dog had answered before. As I rushed out the front door all three children were huddled around something in the front yard but that wasn’t what worried me. I could see from where I stood that it was the dog and by the amount of blood and the twisted body it was as dead as dead could be. What worried me was a slinking shape high above the children in a tree.

I began to scream and run at them telling the children to get inside they took one look at me and began to sprint for the house just as the shape leaped out of the tree. It landed on two feet that isn’t right that isn’t right I thought as the children now seeing the creature ran faster to the house. I had yet to see what it was. It slunk around in the shadows but I could hear heavy panting and wheezing. It came into the light and I shivered in fear.

It was a wolf of some sort I breathed adrenaline starting to quicken my breathing and slow down everything around me. It was all wrong thou it was skinny, bony, and sickly and yet its very presence was intimidating and made me begin to shrink backwards slowly. It went over to the dead dog now on four legs and smiled down on it. The wolf’s lips curled up in an evil grin showing every fang and all its purpose within. It then turned and looked me directly in the eye and stood up on its back legs. Even with its slight weight it looked deadly. It had sharp intelligent eyes and sharp claws more like a cat then a dog. It had a long face with a black nose and two rows of sharp teeth and it smiled looking as friendly as a killer can be.

It advanced toward me looking ready for a challenge. My eyes went to the forest floor looking for a weapon or something to throw. I threw a rock and the wolf dodged. It was slowly getting closer. I grabbed dirt in one hand and a branch in the other if a fight is what it wanted a fight is what it would get. I had no other choices it was too late to run now. It slowed its approach and began circling me trying to unbalance me. I watched it closely fighting for my survival. It came at me low with a snap I hit it high on the head with the branch clasped tightly in my hand. It lunged again this time breaking my stick and as it shook the end it had now broken it grinned.

 My blood ran cold it wasn’t just deadly it was strong for all its weight was worth. And that was when I threw the dirt at its face and swung hard backwards as I turned to run. I made contact with the wolf’s muzzle and heard it let out a painful yip. I ran towards the house and as I did I saw more wolves from the corners of my eyes appearing from the edge of the woods. The wolf behind me gave off wails and howls trying to rub its eyes with its paws. As I got inside I slammed and locked the door. I then locked the other windows and doors. I could hear them outside still howling, yelping, and laughing.

I found the children hiding under the bed nothing to do now but wait. We were trapped every room in the house had a window even the basement there was no point. We huddled in the middle of the family room in front of the front door. The children cried and wept about how they wanted their mommy and daddy and didn’t want to die. I sat there and thought as the sun began to set that we were running out of time. This wasn’t the end. The wolves the smart creatures that they were had cut off the power somehow. No chance to call the police now and me without a cell phone. The parents I thought they are our only hope now.

However, they wouldn’t be home till nine and it was eight now. I went and grabbed a few kitchen knives 2 for me and one each for the children. As calmly as I could manage I told them, “If a wolf attacks you stab it with this.” The children shook their heads in understanding even as their small bodies shook in fear. All I could think was how I wished I had a gun. The wolves continued to circle the house making as much noise as possible increasing our fear they were having fun playing with us. A sudden crash came through the window and the children all froze ready for the fighting to begin. I saw what it was and told the children to look away they were so frozen with fear they now did whatever I said. I went over and picked up their dogs head its eyes still twisted in fear the poor thing it had been trying to warn us all day. I wrapped it in a blanket from the couch and put it in the garbage for now. The wolves were not showing any decency.

I went back to the children and we waited as the time ticked by. And then just as the last light from sky began to fade the wolves began a chorus of howls each singing its own way. There was a knock on the door and then some scratching as somehow the wolves slowly picked the lock. The children whimpered. I hushed them and told them to move back a little bit putting them behind me. Another minute passed by and they got it and then the door knob turned.

In stepped the first wolf its eyes were swollen and it gave a scowl unhappy to see the humans armed and with their backs pressed against the wall. The wolf smirked seeing the kitchen knives and it stepped closer. I held still the children began backing up behind me even more. I stood still the wolf came closer and closer. I could feel its breath sticky with blood. The wolf was then standing right in front of me and smiled down on me. That was perfect though.

Before it could snap my neck like it did to the poor dog I shoot my arm out stabbing its stomach. The wolf didn’t expect it in all its days all humans had been frozen in fear by it standing on two feet even as it had killed them there. I stabbed it a second time as it fell to the floor and it withered there shaking. It shuttered and convulsed and died never even giving a cry. Then its body began to alter and change. I was shocked beyond comprehension.

 In its new form it held still. It was dead I knew it but I was still afraid. It was lying face down I was yet to see the face of our almost killer. Slowly I flipped it over and gave a scream the wolf was me, the wolf was me. Everything went fuzzy and dissolving and then darkness. I woke up in a cold sweat screaming and then realizing only then that is was only a dream, only a dream. 


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