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Only one profession in the city is allowed to fire,… I mean shoot. Policemen, or cops if you prefer, are the one having this privilege that brings their share of responsibilities too. Russell is a cop, and through his experience you'll know what it takes to be a good cop.

Submitted: January 07, 2017

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Submitted: January 07, 2017



Only one profession in the city is allowed to fire,... I mean shoot. Policemen, or cops if you prefer, are the one having this privilege that brings their share of responsibilities too. I don't count gangsters as their shooting is illegal, which doesn't prevent them to do so by the way. Russell, a senior officer, is called by his peers, "The Man with the Iron Fist". He is a "Gladiator" and a "Man of Steel", no question about it. He is the toughest cop the city has ever seen, and made numbers of "American Gangster" look "Miserables" in their new home, behind the bars. But Russell is not all iron, steel and muscles. He also has a "Beautiful Mind", a sense of justice and fairness. He's got the soul of "Robin Hood", and is sometimes tired to defend first the rich, and last the poors. As one of the best cops, he never had to go to the worst, most dangerous neighboroods. He was to valuable for the police to risk his life in worthless, dangerous out of city center suburbs. Rich people pay the police good money to have the best cops protecting them, and that's how it work as the police, and all the other departments of the state are virtually in bankruptcy (public debts).

When he started in the police, he was very determined. He said there was "No Way Back". And that's the kind of commitment the police values. He had great abilities and "Virtuosity" in handling all kind of weapons. But despite all his efforts, he lived in a "Broken City". Economic crisis, racism, antisemitism, violence, intolerance and lack of respect for the law had taken hostage all the society. It was not his fault. What a single man, even with the best intentions in the world, can do to stop the mess made by governments working for the private corporations interests first, and citizens second only? He had to obey the orders from his superiors. And that's how "Robin Hood" got lost. As when you work for someone you are not allowed to do what you want. "The Nice Guys" are asked to vote and follow the wrong ideas and the wrong guys. And at the end "Fathers and Daughters", mothers and sons too, don't see their life getting better and better. Quite the opposite in fact.

Desperate, Russell said once:

"I should be "Noah", build an ark and start the world all over again."

But that's not how things work. He also said that the CIA is a "Body of Lies", and that's the reason why he never joined them, preferring being a simple cop. He also said that if he was the "Master and Commander", he would send all the gangsters and corrupted politicians on the "Far Side of the World", separated from the rest of the society they are ruining. "The Quick and the Dead" motto is no longer for him. Too much shooting in his youth taught him to slow down and be more of a thinker. The "Rough Magic" of city life at night made him stop being an idealistic as he was getting older. "Brave" Russell is now very realistic. He is like an old lion, tired but ready for the last fight, and hungry for more. This is this hunger and hatred of injustice that will keep him going until the end.

"Brave Russell, "Heaven's Burning" to have more men like you fighting the crime!"

At some stage of his career in the police, he became an instructor, and that's what he said to his young peers at the police academy.

"I like villains because there's something so attractive about a committed person - they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They're motivated."

It's no the kind of declarations you expect to hear on your first day at the police academy. It's a provocation, and even one of "bad taste". But in the police they all know Russell is one of the best cop, and they accept his method. He is very convincing and wants to make sure the guys starting a career in the police will become good as he is. So to him, if you are not committed and motivated, as villains are with the crime, you'll never be able to fight them and become a good cop. Villains are smart and tough, and there's no way to stop them if you are not as smart and as tough as they are. With his statement everybody knows what he means, and what it takes to be a cop.

In the police academy everybody has short hair and no beards, just like in the army. Russell has his own explication.

"I hate having long hair. It's like walking around with a dead koala on your back!"

Russell is from far away. From the Far West? No, from the Far East. Even further than the Far East, as the Far East is China and Japan. He actually comes from an island called New Zealand. You won't find any koalas in New Zealand, as you won't find any policemen with long hair either. But on the next "huge" island west to New Zealand they do have koalas, and they might have policemen walking around with a dead koala on their back. If you walk around in Sydney or Melbourne and ask the police about what Russell told about them, they'll probably ask you if the guy who said this nonsense is from New Zealand. And that's it! Cause the "Aussies" (Australians) have lots of jokes about the "Kiwis" (New Zealanders"), and the Zew Zealander have some good ones about the Australians. End of the jokes!

"We can't repay our good luck with bad grace. It invites darkness."

Was another of his sayings. He was talking about when a cop get injured in a shooting. Staying alive is good luck, because one could be dead. So, no bad grace because it invites darkness, which means for him, more criminals and more crimes. I think the young cops understood very well, and they wouldn't complain too much if they got injured during a shooting. Russell hated people who complained all the time. If it hurts, you keep your mouth shut. And if you can't go on, just stay back and go to hospital. But don't be a burden for your colleagues. And this is something the young cops understood pretty well too. Russell made his points very clear, he was very convincing.

But when he said:

"I have respect for beer."

Everybody looked stunned. It's not the kind of things you expect an instructor to say in class. But then he added.

"When you're not working and driving."

And then it made sense. He said so cause he knows beers are guys' best friend. There's nothing better than a good beer at the bar, at the barbecue, or while watching the game on TV. And he had respect for what brought people together, but not when you're working or driving. He also said that if you can't handle it (getting drunk), quit! Whatever you do, you have to be in control and be responsible. And drinking requires to be highly in control and responsible. So he said, no over your limits. And the young cops liked the idea of drinking being tolerated and "respected" by their elders. And they clearly knew where the limits stood with Russell. They always knew with him.

The class is ending at the police academy, and Russell go home to have a normal family life till next morning when he gets his uniform on.

"So, goodnight Russell. You'll always be the best cop. RoboCop doesn't have a beautiful mind and the soul of Robin Hood like you do."



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