Case of the Missing Baby

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Its about a baby named Mack going missing and they find her in a strange place.It could either be the dad or father. Read to find out which one did it!!!

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Case of the MIssing Baby

 by: Mackenzie Dains


 The mom called the babysitter and asked, “can you babysit baby Mack?” Ally said, “ya sure I don’t mind.” Ally came over and mom said, “I will be back at 9:01 pm after work.” Mom left and baby Mack started to cry so Ally put Duct Tape over her mouth and said, “SHUT UP!!” At dinner baby Mack’s dad came over and Ally gave baby Mack a tiny piece of bread and then the dad took baby Mack upstairs and a couple minutes later dad left.

Mom came home and found baby Mack MIA. She called the popo and said, “my baby’s missing, my baby’s missing!!” The officer said, “we’ll get our best detective, Braden, right on it.” Detective Braden came over and inspected the big house and while his hours of searching he found a poopy diaper in the nursery. He took it to the lab and found fingerprints. He got the results back and they said it could either be the dad or the babysitter. The next day he told the mom the results. He went to the babysitter’s house and said,  “we have a warrant to search your belongings.” He searched the black car and found a yellow binky. He took it back to the lab and found prints that belonged to the babysitter.

He went back to the babysitter’s house and on the way there, he found baby Mack in her blue car seat on the curb and the babysitter was never to be seen AGAIN!!


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