Katy Perry's Tour

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Katy Perry is on tour! But mysteriously...her clothes go missing. Read the story to find out who has stolen the singer's wardrobe.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



Katy Perry`s World Tour  

Katy Perry (american singer) was going on a world tour to Asia. She started off her tour in South Korea.She had just gotten to the airport when all of a sudden Katy heard her name over the speakers.She was going to hide from all the crazed fans that would soon surround her if she didn’t act fast. Katy wasn’t paying attention and ran into Lee Taemin, (Korean singer) he started speaking korean.Katy was completely lost and just thought that he was a crazed fan. Katy was unsure what to do at that moment, so she gathered up her bags and went to her driver.

A few hours later they arrived at a five star hotel, where she would be staying at during the time of her tour in Korea. Katy woke up the next morning and went to her closet to get ready for her next performance she was doing later that day; but she found that none of her costumes were there. So she called the hotel manager and reported the missing clothes.The hotel manager told her that he would get his best detective. Later that evening Kim Heechul (male Korean singer)showed up at her hotel room. Heechul said “What seems to be the problem cheeka?” Katy replied,”That is so unprofessional... and for your information my costumes are missing!” Detective Kim proudly exclaimed “I’ll get right on that mam!” Kim searched the hotel room top to bottom for clues and wasn’t having any luck. Finally he returned back to Katy’s room with a sigh of disappointment. Just when he was about to give up he saw a hot pink hanky in the corner of the closet. Heechul cautiously picked up the hanky and searched it .

Inside the hanky they found an mp3 player, so he made lost and found posters saying “If the following items are yours please call this number: 81-384-5-79-8346 hot pink hanky, and a mp3 player with the following songs; Neverland by U-KISS, A-cha by Super Junior and Action by NU’EST. Heechul put out flyers everywhere. A few days later Katy got a call from a blocked number. Katy answered the phone, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. ‘It sounds like some foreigners just butt dialed me!” Katy thought to herself. Although Katy didn’t know that it was Lee Taemin that butt dialed her...

Later that day Heechul showed up at Katy’s hotel room and asked her if anyone had called. Katy said “Well some weird  butt dialed me me but that’s about it” “Some weird foreigners ehh?” Heechul muttered. Heechul played back the conversation on Katy`s phone. Heechul understood the conversation because he spoke Korean, which just so happened to be what the people on the phone were speaking. Heechul exclaimed “There's more than one suspect! it sounds a bit echoey where there are at too...”Heechul got on the computer at the hotel  and looked up concerts in Seoul, South Korea. He found one that said NU’EST (that Choi Min Ki is in)opening up for SHINee (that Lee Taemin is in) Katy shouted excitedly “I know where they're playing at!”  So they drove to the stadium where they found Lee Taemin and Choi Min Ki  (Korean singer) Katy examined Taemin from a distance.Suddenly she busted out saying “I know that man! ” Her voice echoed... At that moment they knew they were at the right place.

When Heechul saw Taemin and Min Ki and heard them talking he knew they were the one that butt dialed Katy. Heechul and Katy ran to Lee Taemin and Choi Min Ki. Katy was flustered! Min Ki was wearing some of Katy`s bracelets. Heechul confronted them about there stealings. The two men admitted to their crime and were going to be sent off to jail. Before they left though Heechul wanted to ask Lee and Choi why they stole her costumes. Heechul did so, and Taemin and Min Ki replied “Because we don’t like people trying to upstage us” Katy just rolled her eyes and the two men were sent off to jail for stealing.



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