Middle School Mystery

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A boy finds out who is taking the pencils.

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



One sunny September morning, some fifth graders in Iowa were waiting for the bell to ring. Everyone goes to their old lockers, then all the sudden almost all the kids yelled, my pencils are gone. All the kids were running and yelling. So I Jimmy Schmidt a fellow fifth grader looked for clues. Muddy boot prints all over the hallway floor very interesting. The teachers came out and said, calm down and go to class.


I was walking down the Red hallway going to the buses and I see the Janitor, he had pencil shavings on his dirty suit. Then the Janitor said what you looking at Jimmy, I said oh nothing. I got my first suspect the Janitor. He also has big muddy boots.


The next day, I talked to the new math teacher, Ms. Huckleberry. She said, the Janitor was opening some of the lockers and took something from them. Hmmm that’s weird; I’m going to tell the principle about this.


So I go to the principle’s office and I told him about the Janitor. “Yes I know “said the principle. “He’s doing this for me, see kids take pens and pencils from teachers and never give them back so we are taking theirs, but know you know too much”, said the principle. Then I look and they put me in an abandon locker!



To Be Continued………………..

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