The Case of The Betraying Cop

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story is about a chief of the police killing innocent people then a detective kills her and gets blamed

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012




The Case of the Betraying Cop

By Samatha Chatman & Cale Mackey

One sunny morning at the Clear View Apartments. Samatha Chatman walked in to visit her old friend Joslyn.Joslyn and she sat there for a while and then suddenly the door creaked open. Meanwhile, Phil was coming home from the grocery store. As he was walking past Joslyn’s apartment he heard Joslyn crying,so he peeped through the doorway.
Just as he went to open the door,Samatha shot Joslyn. Phil was scared so he ran as fast as he could,screaming leaving his shoe behind running out like crazy. So Samatha ran after him, but as soon as Phil ran out of the small building,she lost him in the big crowd. She went searching for him but it was too late he was already in the police station. So Samatha  ran. She ran to her house on 743 AppleGrove St.
As she opened the door the door, the police then came behind the killer and handcuffed her. they drove Samatha downtown and questioned her.”Why did you shoot Joslyn Reeves.”asked Detective Cale Mackey.”I didn’t Cale I’m the Chief.”Days later they looked around the apartment and found Phil’s shoe. Then they questioned Phil.
“Why did we find your stinky shoe by her trashed apartment?”After hours of questioning Phil they let him go. when Phil opened the door to his apartment, Samatha was there waiting.”Why are you here”asked Phil. Then a gunshot went off.
Later that night Cale came to the crime scene. He knocked on the door for a while. Cale knew that Phil would be home, so he walked in. And there, he found Phil lying on the ground with Samatha’s hair tie right next to him.
Cale went to Samatha’s house. She was watching TV. “Why did you do it Sam you’re the chief.” Joslyn stole my book and Phil witnessed the killing.” Then the bullet goes by Cale’s head.
The cops showed up to find Sam lying on the floor,with Cale standing over her.”She was the killer,I found her hair tie next to Phil. The cops put the innocent detective in jail for three murders,but the real killer was Samatha Chatman.

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