The case of the Missing Garfield

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Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



The Case of the Missing Garfield

by Jake Fromstatefarm

“AHHHH!” My mom and dad shot through the door and asked, “What's the matter with you girl, it’s 7:00 in the morning?” “I lost my orange garfield and you know what happened last time I lost it.”  “Oh, no! We better find it now.” They searched everywhere in the house, but all they found was his eye and some orange fur. We knew he couldn’t be far. “It all comes down to this. We need to call detective Dillon.” ”Okay, grab the phone Charlie.”

“Ring Ring Ring.” “Hes here.” we all said at once. Dad opened the door and the first thing detective Dillon said was... “Hi.” we all sat down at the kitchen table and discussed what happened,showed him the clues,and the places we found them. Then he looked at her brother’s hands and there was orange on them. “Its from the cheetos I ate earlier,” he said. “There was only one place we haven't looked.” “Oh, no. Not there.” “We’ll have to,” detective Dillon said. So we went to my little brother’s room. They searched under his bed, in his dark closet and everywhere else possible. “Found it,” I said with tears rolling down my red cheeks. “I thought I would never find it.” “Thank god,” mom and dad both said at once. “What are you guys doin in my room?” my brother said as puzzled as could be. “You stole my Garfield, you little thief.” “I don’t remember doing that,” he said “He must of done it in his sleep.” detective Dillon said “Case closed.”

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