The Case of the Stolen Cash Register

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Our group wrote a story about a cash register that goes missing during a shift at work! We search to find the culprit.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



"The Case of the Stolen Cash Register"

One day, three people,hannah, megan, logan met at logans 2012 camaro before work at the apartment complex in miami florida. When they got to work at Mc. Donalds they all checked in at the clock stamper. Then they all got to work. hannah went to cook the fries. While logan went to warm up the cash register and megan warmed up the grill for the burgers and started to defrost the vegetables. Then people left from the morning shift, as they left the customers started to pile up. Everybody kicked it up a notch and kicked it to high gear. After about an hour everyone slowed down and the team started to close up, but they forgot to empty the cash register. And for the first time they almost had 500$ in it. So the three friends jumped in the 2012 new camaro. And the janitors were the only workers left.
The next day, they checked in, then got to work on their daily routine.  But when logan went to check the register, it was empty. So logan went to check the cash register, it  was empty. so logan went to look for the cash register. He looked in the cabinets in the trash cans, under the chairs, but it was nowhere to be found. All of a sudden he remembered the two janitors, Mark and philip so logan ran to the janitors closet between the bathrooms. When they went in there, the cash register was on the top shelf. When they got it down it had nothing in it but 2 pennies left. Hannah and Megan thought someone sneaked in when the janitors were cleaning, and stole it all. Then the janitors out it up on the top shelf, maybe...
When they confronted Mark and philip. they said they had no idea. so one more day at work, but when they had left logan had a master plan. he left only $25 in the cash register. Also logan put a video camera on the wall looking right at the cash register. The next day logan snuck the video camera into the bathroom with him and locked the door. He watched the janitor’s mop, then pocket the money. So logan went to the police office, they found them again later that night. 4 weeks late, Mark and Philip went to florida's prison for 8 and 9 years.

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