The Missing Flags

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In Elsberry School the flags were stolen. But dont worry, there is a detective that is on the case.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



The Missing Flags

It was Friday when the flags were stolen and the school was shocked at the crime. So Elsberry School decided to call detective Dillan to find out what happened to the flags. Detective Dillan was excited to finally have a job to do so he got in his 2013 mustang Cobra and drove to the school right away. By the time he got there, the school was in a panic, the teachers running around and kids screaming at the crime. Then one teacher spotted Dillan and ran over to him and asked him to help find the criminal.

Dillan said “I will help in any way I can. And the teacher was so relieved to know that someone was here to help. The next thing the detective did was call up all the janitors to the office to interview. Their was one janitor that stood out of all the others, And his name was Billy. So Dillan searched Billy’s office and found a footprint and footage of someone, but it wasn’t Billy.

Then detective Dillan followed the clues all the way to the governor’s office and started to ask the governor some questions about Elsberry School. Then right away the governor says, “We took the flags.” “Why?” Dillan asks. “Because the president said no more flags,” says the governor.

“Then that solves the crime,” thought the detective. When Dillan got back to the school and the principle of the school was very upset about the new law. So the principle decided to have a school assembly to tell the students that there will be no more flags in the school. When the principle told all the students that there is no more Pledge of Allegiance all the students started to cry and scream at what the principle had said.


Written by: Braedyn Kallenbach

And Paul Brickey

© Copyright 2018 Elsberry Middle School. All rights reserved.

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