The Missing Teddy Bear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
My partner and I based our story on our own teacher. One day, she loses her teddy bear and convinces her Mom to help her find it.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



The Case of the Missing Teddy Bear
One stormy morning Tori woke up. She was looking around and she didn't see Ted! Ted was her best friend. Her favorite teddy bear ever. She screamed at her mom. “my teddy bear is missing!” When her mom came up to check on Tori. Tori was crying. Mary, her mom didn't know what was wrong. She asked “Tori what is wrong?” Tori sniffed. “I TOLD YOU!” Mary asked  suspiciously  “what?” “Ted is gone” “oh mary said slowly.

Tori came up with a brilliant idea. “Mom!” she yelled you are a detective. Can't you look for him? Her mom knew that she didn't really have to do that for Tori but she would try.

The next day Mary came home and yelled up the stairs “Tori!” I'm off tomorrow we can look for Ted! Tori and Jack, her brother, came screaming down the stairs arguing. Mary made them supper and they did their homework. Tori was getting ready for bed. Tori couldn't sleep that night. She was thinking about Ted, Ted was a black bear with a brown nose feet and belly. She hopes to see him soon. “MOM!” Tori yells as she coming downstairs. “I'm at the table”. Her mom quietly says. Tori sits down across the table from Jack. She looks over and quickly stands up and goes to the counter. “MOM!” she screams. “Its stuffing from Ted. Maybe be a theft stole him”. Jack said, teasing his little sister. “Stop it!” their mom yelled.


Mary and Tori began searching in Tori's room. They found more stuffing, Ted’s nose, and Teds black hair  through the whole house except Jack and Mary’s rooms. They searched through the whole house except Jack and Mary's rooms. The first room to search was Marys room. They searched through the closet bathroom, and the side table and found nothing.

When they came out into the hallway Tori ran to the bathroom. Mary asked Tori “what are you doing Tori?” We didn't check the cabinets.” Tori murmured.Mary sighs “I did.” “We have checked every where”! Cry’s Tori as she sits on her rocking chair. Mary exclaims “not everywhere!” suspiciously asks “where else have we not looked?” They went into Jacks messy, filthy, smelly room. They searched every where, except the bed. “Disgusting.” Mary and Tori said at the same time. When they looked through the sheets; Nothing was found. They looked through the mattress. Tori slowly looked under the bed.

TED! Tori screamed so suddenly. Her mom jumped. “i found you”  Tori  smiled as she hugged ted. “I don't care” Tori hollered as she walked out of Jack's room.
Mary yelled at Jack when she came downstairs. He smiled , it was a  joke.... “i don't care!” His mom butted in. Jack was grounded for a week. The next  morning Tori got Ted out of the dryer and everything was all better.

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