The Mystery of the missing Love and Dogs

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This book is about a cop who's love has gone missing and the neighbornood dogs! Find out if he solves the cases.

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



“The Mystery of the Missing Dogs”

By:Allie S.

Ms.Birbreige walked into the office were he’d been working.Mr Anderson gazed over from
his computer. His stare grazed over her.
“I need to report something.”
Mr. Anderson  stopped what he’d been working on.He looked from his desk to his partner.
“Ma'am, I’m sorry but you’ve been known to lie. Remember when your “husband” ran away? He was really in the closet. Also-”
“I wasn’t asking”
Mr.Anderson’s partner took two long strides across the tiled floor and stood next to where she was standing.
“Ms.Birbreige, please. You need to relax.”
He slowly put his hand on her shoulder.She blew out a breath of relief.
“But my dog Nickro, he’s gone missin’ .”
Mr.Anderson's partner looked massive compared to the small woman.
“ We’ll look for it,Love,”
Mr.Anderson's partner announced as she finished talking. She removed his hand from her shoulder.
“Thank you Alex,” Ms..Birbreige let out.
Drew(Mr.Anderson) smiled and continued to type something into his computer.
She slowly turned and glared at Drew.Alex felt himself smile then he walked to the door. As she walked out,  Alex  slowly closed the door behind her.
“Wow,” Drew piped when the door finally closed.
She’d came in a lot of times before. Each time they found out it was a lie. No one on the force believed her lies after her last attempt to get Alex to like her. Ms. Birbreige was a sneaky person.
“The Lass lies so much  I can’t tell if she’s tellin’ the truth about that Nickro dog or not.”
Drew smiled to his partner. Alex walked across the police office again. Making noises with his tongue and his shoes as he went across the floor.
“Were about to close up Alex. If you want you can get a goin’ home if ya want to”
“ No, i'm okay Lad, well that sounds pretty good now that you mention it.”
Alex looked at his watch, :10 pm. He stared at his partner for a second then shrugged. Deciding to go home. Drew waved a peaceful goodbye with his hand as Alex walked out the door. When he was outside  he could smell the musk of hot dogs and children with ice creams. Alex made his way to his car. An hour drive later he was home, taking off his shoes and hiding his gun. He put his badge on the table.After tossing his shoes,he sprawled on the couch.Memories of Kim Foster flashed into his mind. The rain poured outside the window.
Kim slowly walked to him. Arms outstretched. He caressed those arms in his. Hugging her slowly, till she pulled away.
“I have to go Alex”
Alex felt himself grow sad when she said his name like that.Kim Foster made her way into his heart and now that she was leaving there would be a big hole there where there wasn't one before.
“Kim, don’t”
Alex pleaded. She shook her golden hair and it swayed slowly.Kim looked at him with her sad eyes. Her fake smile pierced him. He would remember that smile forever. It haunted his dreams and became his nightmares.

Alex blinked out of the memory  when he heard the phone ring. He answered it reluctantly.
“Hello Brother”
It was Alex’s brother . Alex hasn’t talked to him  since-
“So what do you think?”
What? Oh, the Lad must of been talking while I was thinking. I wonder if he’s talking now.
“Well?” What do you think Lad?”
“ What? Oh sorry Lad ,I was out of it” Alex said.
“ OH, well okay. Well,do you think you could keep your promise?”
 “Ya, um’ what promise was that lad?”
“ You said you would find your nieces dog! Wow you forgot didn’t you?!”
He considered hanging up on him. That would be bad though, Alex’s brother would tell his niece that he didn’t care about the Lass. He could be such a jerk sometimes.
“ I will I will, it’s just hard at the office now.”
Kim Foster flashed into his head. He quickly removed them but they came back faster than anything he’d ever thought about before. Gosh, the Lass was stuck in his head.
“ Sure you will, well anyways get the dog please, she needs it “ then the line went dead.
He never was the guy to” Hey hows it going?”or “what's up?” Maybe a good shower would make me feel better.
While Alex took a shower Kim Foster came to his mind. Digging up tears into his eyes.
“Kim you can’t do that!”
“ You’ll never understand Alex”
“ I understand you're taking this too far!”
“ I love them and they love me!”
“ How do you know that? How can you be sure? Kim, Lass, I don't want you to get hurt or anything else. The wolves are wild animals.”
“ They, you, ugh! Stop it, stop it right now! You don't understand! Stop trying to trick me!”
His hands found hers fast. He held her close. So close she could barely look up from where he held her.
“ I would never try to trick you.”
“ Alex, I have to go.”
Just then she left him. With his own tears running down his face.
He jumped out of the shower. Alex  ran to his room and got dressed. His shower shut off automatically. After hAlex  was dressed he snached his badge off the table and walked out his door. Alex wipped his tears from his eyes.He was going to try to find that Nickro dog. Alex  got in his car after he saw an old missing persons sign.He’d seen them so many times since she first ran away.

Missing Person

Kim Foster

Ran away at age 17 still missing.

Parents worried and wondering where she went. If you know anything please contact us at


She needs your help, so does her family.

I know where she is. I am not going to say anything. I have to tell the people who put those up to stop it. Thats a good advantage to being a cop.

Alex got out of the car as he saw the end of a old farmers house. He parked the car and began to walk.He  strode slowly up the long walkway to where the driveway started  regretting every step.
He trudged through the drive way until he looked down. His eyes saw dogs paw prints.  They  lead to the woods on the side of the house. He decided to follow them.

Maybe the dog would be Nickro? The Lass might of been telling the truth.

He walked with his head down to see where the tracks went. He would’ve kept on doing this if he hadn’t bashed his head into a tree.
“Dang it! Wow this day sucks!” Alex said as he felt his head start to bleed.
His gaze fell to horror as he say Thirty dog collars on the branches of all the tree’s around him. Everywhere he looked there was a dog collar. On every branch a dog collar held residence. Alex wipped blood away from his face. He stopped moving when he looked up from his hand. A large wolf came to his view. Its fur raised as the noise of the large beast sniffed the air. It’s gaze flooded to Alex.

Oh great, I am bleeding and the wolf’s gonna kill me!

It was going to lunge if it hadn’t heard a woman's voice yell out to it.
“ Nickro! You can’t do that!”
Wait a minute!? That voice was ....... KIM FOSTERS!
“ Kim? Kim ,Love, is that you?”
“Alex? Alex why are you here? Does anyone know i’m here?”
Her age looked at least 25. Her golden brown hair still as beautiful as ever swaying in the wind.
“ No, no one knows I‘m here. Is this where you have been?”
Kim looked down at Nickro.

Nickro? Wasn’t that the dog Ms.Birbreige was talking about? No, it can’t be. It doesn’t listen to anyone but the Lass.

“ Alex”
Her just saying his name almost brought Alex  to his knees.Goodness he would miss her. All he knew now was that he had to make a plan. She’d grown taller than the last time he’d seen her.
“Alex Flynn?”
There is was again.Alex looked Kim over and her cheeks flushed red.
“Stop it bully “Kim said to Nickro when she saw him showing his teeth to Alex.
“I am so glad I found you and the dogs.” Alex said

It was a job well done. Kim and Alex got married and had three kids with two dogs.
.....and a wolf out back...

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