The Teddy Thane Thief

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A girl loses her Teddy bear.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



The Teddy Thane Thief
By Lydia Hanneken

“Hey, Mom? Do you know where Thane is?” Tali had already torn up half of the house, even though she had only been awake for five minutes. Her room, mom’s room, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, everything was thrown about as if somebody just had a party.

“Is he in the wooden toy box?” Mom was in the downstairs bathroom, getting ready for work. She had a pair of black slacks and a blazer folded and laid out on the counter.

“Would I put Thane in the toybox, mom? He’s supposed to stay on the bed.” Tali didn’t usually put stuffed animals in the toybox. Their fur gets all fluffed up.

“I don’t know where you put him, now stop pestering me.” Mom shut the bathroom door and locked it, so Tali knew she needed to stop talking.

Tali, honey, why don’t you go get ready for school? You're going to miss the bus.” Dad was sitting in his chair, reading the daily paper and drinking his coffee. Dark brown, he wouldn't drink it any other way. “Go brush your teeth and put your uniform on.”

“But what about Thane?”

You’ll find him when you get home, now go.” Dad got up to get another cup of coffee and get Varga up. Varga was Tali’s younger brother.

Tali walked over to the bathroom door and knocked.

“What now?” Mom unlocked and opened the door to look down at Tali. She had on her work clothes.

“I have to brush my teeth.” Tali smiled with her hands behind her back, hoping mom wouldn't get mad at her.

Mom looked at her watch. “Good timing, because I gotta go.” She kissed Tali’s forehead, grabbed her purse and left.

Tali sighed. Mom would come home in a better mood. Working always made her happy, for whatever reason. She approached the sink and pulled out her green toothbrush. Meh, she thought. I can get away with it, and put the toothbrush back.


Tali turned to see dad standing in the doorway with Varga propped up on his hip. Varga was still in his Spiderman PJ’s.

“I told you that if you pulled another stunt like this, I’d take your toys away.”

Surely dad wouldn’t... take Thane?

“I’m sorry, just please don't take Thane.”

“Just brush your teeth. The bus is almost here.” Dad readjusted Varga and walked into the kitchen.

Tali pulled out the toothbrush, again, and spread the red and white toothpaste on her brush.

Once she finished up, she stepped into her room to get dressed. She opened up her closet.

“Surprise!” Varga yelled.

How did her pass her so stealthily? Nevermind that, why did he have Thane?

“Surprise!” he yelled again, and held out Thane.

Tali hugged him. She thought Everybody forgot about her Birthday.

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