A Lucifer-Vocabulary

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Nobody has been in the position of Lucifer: From the most illustrious angel to the ruler of Hell itself ...

all my words are warriors
none of them saints or sentimentalists
some of them even murder for lust
no doubt about it, they are a harsh flock
I should disown them for their sins
have them put down like mad dogs
only, what will come if they go?
From Napoleon-clones to what?
Maybe a flock of Draculas will arise
I wonder how that would be
an owner of bloodsuckers - me?
And what if they turned angels?
Some bloodless, winged ones
maybe a flock of Lucifers would do
an angel-demon turned into words
a vocabulary of black and white
Heaven and Hell in one
that one I buy

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Submitted: January 05, 2010

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