The Angelic Visitor (: formerly published)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The "I" of the story is awakened by a nightly visitor with wings ....

I was awoken in the darkest of nights, the air was ablaze with sounds. Something like cracks of whips made waves and I turned ice. "No one whips my air," I said, brazing myself, "or else ..."
"Sorry," it came from the darkness.
I didn't turn on the light, but now I saw the outline of my intruder. It was the Angel of Whatever, who seemed to consist of whirrings of sounds and wings. "Don't be alarmed. I come with a message"
"What?! No," said I, "no messages. I'm not Mary."
The whippings of air and all the sounds stopped at once. "Not Mary? How come?"
"Not all women are Mary, by God!"
"They are not? How strange, The Big Guy seems to think so."
"I believe you, actually, it's obvious that contrary to common belief he doesn't know everything."
The air froze, the whirrings exploded in fastness so that they too blended and froze into one movement. "That's sacrilege ..." he stuttered.
"Yeah, yeah," I said, "now leave me so I can get some sleep."
"I can't leave you after what you said, now I shall have to stay forever." Having said so he started another barrage of whirrings. Sounds and whippings went crazy and I let out an involuntary high pitched scream. "Stop it! Go away, and don't come back!"
He lifted from the floor and sailed through the air, a big, not too agile airship-like creature, an angel, targeting me for conversion. "My God, you're stubborn!" I exclaimed. "And this ... this chaos is supposed to converse me?"
He looked very surprised at me. "Chaos? This is not chaos, it's anything but chaos."
"Well," I said, now sitting up in my bed, very annoyed, "and what do you want with me?"
"It's that message ... You are supposed to give birth to his daughter and to save the world."
"What!!!!!" I sputtered, crimson-red in the face. "How ... how ... daughter ... Earth. I distinctly remember what happened to his son ..."
"The Highest One of the Highest said so himself, you are to find a way to save the world and make everything better. What son are you talking about, he doesn't have one?"
"Doesn't have one? Well, that's what I've always said, but never mind. If he wants me then why did he make me an ordinary woman, and not even rich or very healthy? Not to speak of younger?"
The angel kept silent, looking very petulant, but also deep in thoughts. "Well, I can't tell you why he chose you, but he did. He has high hopes of you."
"And what am I to gain by that scheme?"
"Gain?!! Eternal happiness as the one who saved the world."
"Ahhh - something I gain efter Death?"
"Yes, don't you know that "save" also means" "sacrifice" ...?
"Sacrifice like in Crucifixion? Sorry to have to inform you that I just turned down the job. Give him my love and tell him to find someone else."
"No-no-no, that wouldn't do. It's you or nobody. You are to stop the ..."
"I'm a widowed and childless housewife and salesperson," I don't know anything about saving anything by giving birth ..." By now I was getting a bit angry and, for some reason or another, not being afraid of this creature I turned on the lamp by my bed. Suddenly the angel was visible to the sight - and that was the moment I started to SCREAM: An angel yes, but coal-black, red goat-eyes, claws for hands and a pointed tail. His wings were very large, black and rubber-like.
When I screamt in utter disgust and horror one of his claws shot out and clamped my mouth shut. "Now-now," he said, "nothing to fret about, he likes you a lot and he is sure you are going to fit in just fine. After having read your biography - murder, eh'?, fraud, eh'? - I'm convinced you'll like it too ..." Then he grabbed me and lifted me in one single movement and off we flew ...

Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

© EC

Submitted: October 23, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Else Cederborg. All rights reserved.

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Graeme Montrose

Pretty creepy story, realy grips you!

Mon, November 16th, 2009 4:04pm


Thanks, that's the purpose: To scare the reader into thinking about it.

Mon, November 16th, 2009 8:18am

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