A Heroic Pit Bull

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Bruiser's death was widely lamented

Submitted: February 18, 2014

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Submitted: February 18, 2014




A Heroic Pit Bull

By Elton Camp

Bruiser constantly roamed the neighborhood
To live up to his genes, he did all he could

He demonstrated by acts what Darwin did say
Survival of the fittest is nature’s own way

Therefore, weaker dogs he faithfully eradicated
Those who would interfere, he intensely hated

If an unfit human, Bruiser’s path should cross
He was quick to show them he was the boss

What human is more unfit than a little child
Doddering old people drove Bruiser wild

Many an opportunity our hero did take
To demonstrate bite, clamp, hold and shake

Instead of offering the praise he was due,
A cretin father this wonderful dog slew

Merely because his child good Bruiser killed,
Ruthlessly to hit with his car he was thrilled

The death of Bruiser was widely lamented
The murderer who killed him much resented

To fine Bruiser, pit bull lovers a statue erected
For the father, a long prison sentence is expected


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