A Storm Front Approaches

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From northwest Alabama on Thursday night

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014




A Storm Front Approaches

By Elton Camp

Severe weather is expected for tonight
Thunderstorms, high wind and large hail
Loose objects such as patio furniture
And garbage cans will be blown away

Driving will be difficult and dangerous
Especially for those high profile vehicles
The usual weather bureau warnings
Repeated to mind-numbing excess

From the porch, I watch its approach
For a time, nothing but inky darkness
In the distance, sheet lightning faintly
Its thunder too far away to be heard

More intense and frequent it becomes
The bare winter branches silhouetted
Its thunder a low, menacing rumble
Heavy raindrops splat against the roof

Trees to the west of the house swaying
A sudden, chilling drop in temperature
The predicted wind strongly upon us
Drove rain onto the porch and me inside

The lights dimmed once and a second time
The weather service radio blared its alarm
The flashlights--where did we leave them
Darkness except the courtyard’s solar lights

Memories of the EF 5 tornado two years ago
Minutes south of us a town devastated
Families broken and homes in splinters
The high school damaged beyond repair

We cower in our safe inner hallway
The wind howls and limbs snap and fall
When it passes to the east, we’ll be free
Others to face the storm’s awesome power



© Copyright 2018 Elton Camp. All rights reserved.

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