Gordo At the Breakfast Buffet

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The manager was horrified when he saw the man approaching

Submitted: March 13, 2015

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Submitted: March 13, 2015



Gordo At the Breakfast Buffet

By Elton Camp

The manager saw Gordo nearing the café
“Hide the all-you-can-eat sign,” he did say

Gordo had been to his place before
He didn’t want to serve him anymore

Three hundred pounds is his weight
It’s astonishing the amount he ate

Due to how much food he put away
They lost the profit of half a day

The sign they couldn’t get out of sight
Gordo entered with a smile of delight

The manager and waitress he did greet
“This is my very favorite place to eat!”

“The buffet looks good over there
Because I’m as hungry as a bear!”

Bacon on his plate he piled high
A huge serving of ham he did try

“Scrambled eggs, I just adore.”
Ate a lot and went back for more

Gravy and biscuits were on his menu
He added grits and home fries, too

When they thought he was done
Back for more Gordo would run

The buffet he soon stripped bare
“Put out more, if you don’t care.”

While watching what was going on
The manager, in despair, did groan

After two hours, Gordo went away
A quarter tip on his table did lay

“If he ever again should come our way,
Tell we’re closed,” the manager did say

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