The Generation Gap


Grandma Gets a Computer

By Elton Camp

Elvira’s grandchildren, one and all insist
“Without a computer so much you miss”

“Skype lets you see us as we chat.
You will be very happy to use that.”

“And e-mail is the absolutely best way
For anything that you may want to say.”

“You will get kiddie pictures galore.
How could you ask for anything more.”

“If you find you’re unsure what to do,
Give us a call and we’ll lead you through.”

So Elvira decided that she’d give in
And give the new technology a spin

She asked help just as they did say
But it wasn’t always easy to obey

“Grab the mouse and close the window,” they said
Grandma curiously scratched her old gray head

Although she didn’t really, the need understand
Kitchen window closed, mousetrap in her hand

“All right, but now what do I do?
Computers I am beginning to rue.”

Generation gap was in full swing
Tribulation to granny it did bring



Submitted: March 31, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Elton Camp. All rights reserved.

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