In Praise of Lady Macbeth

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Having a weak-willed husband must have been a trial

Submitted: February 27, 2014

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Submitted: February 27, 2014




In Praise of Lady Macbeth

By Elton Camp

Poor Lady Macbeth so many revile
But a weak-willed hubby was a trial

He had an excellent chance to be king
Yet to bring it about wouldn’t do a thing

He didn’t want to act to help it occur
Hopes fate’ll crown him without his stir

King Duncan was in her castle to sleep
Into his chamber she proceeded to sneak

She didn’t let scruples get in the way
Rather, the old king proceeded to slay

And acted wisely without any shame
So that his attendants took the blame

So she got a little blood on her hand
He decisive action was a thing so grand

Duncan to perdition was gone
She and he sat on the throne

Perhaps she couldn’t be called kind
Yet, it’s too bad she lost her mind

To Lady Macbeth, let’s raise a statue
Courageous for what she had to do



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