Making the In-Laws Welcome

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Fred showed the visitors to the guest room

Submitted: November 17, 2013

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Submitted: November 17, 2013




Making the In-Laws Welcome


By Elton Camp


“Visiting will be my sister & her mate Jim.

Penny warned, “Fred, you be nice to them.”


“Maybe they should stay at a hotel,

But still see that you treat them well.”


Fred prided himself on his guile

So he tried to hide an evil smile


For he knew just what he’d do

So their visit they would rue


In came the sister and her jerk

While Penny was still at work


“The guest room you can settle in

Afterward, our visit can begin.”


Fred led the way down the staircase

The guest room was a total disgrace


The dingy basement had no light

And the two old cots were a fright


His sister-in-law let out a yell

The two hurried to the hotel


Penny got home, looking for them

“Where’s sister and her man Jim?”


“A room they decided they’d rent.

Back soon, but it’s where they went.”


“I tried to get them to stay with us,

They said it would be too much fuss.”


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