Schrodinger's Cat Isn't Both Dead and Alive

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This will be incomprehensible to anyone unfamiliar with Schrodinger's cat. A science poem that assumes basic knowledge of physics.

Submitted: October 10, 2013

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Submitted: October 10, 2013




Schrodinger’s Cat Isn’t Both Dead and Alive


By Elton Camp


Physics claimed a particle exists in all states until you see it

Dr. Erwin Schrodinger, from such an inane error, did free it


In a box is radioactive sample, Geiger Counter, poison, cat

If the Geiger Counter sees radioactive decay, what about that?


It will then break the poison bottle and the cat thus dies

But without such decay, the cat won’t meet its demise


Those in error said decay had and had not taken place

So the cat is both dead and alive until you see its face


Common sense tells us this cannot be true

No matter how much speculating you do


The cat is either dead or preserved

Well before it has been observed


The Copenhagen view had a serious flaw

And that’s what Schrodinger wisely saw


The other physicists thus were bested

When by this thought experiment tested


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