Superman's Other Achilles' Heel

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Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014




Superman’s Other Achilles’ Heel

By Elton Camp

Truth, justice and the American way
Superman pursued every single day

Bullets bounced right off his chest
Everything that he did was the best

A locomotive was weaker than he
Steel he bent with hands, you see

Able to leap tall buildings at a bound
He was the strongest fellow around

Only time he got into a tight
Was in contact with kryptonite

At least that the way the story’s told
But all forgot that he would grow old

For now his hair has grown thin
He has developed a double chin

X-ray vision won’t work with glasses
His reflexes are now slow as molasses

Firm muscles have turned to jelly
And Kal-El now has a beer belly

No matter how hard he may try
He’s now far too obese to fly

This little story may be hard to believe
An elderly Superman’s hard to conceive


© Copyright 2019 Elton Camp. All rights reserved.

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